best camera for live streaming


Look fantastic on camera and impress your viewers with the best cameras for streaming setup. Find out in this article what cameras Golden camera recommends to do the task!

Best Camera Setups to Boost Your Live Broadcasts

When you use your camera for talking to your audience, you will need to have great video setup with your broadcasts. This is why you need to invest in better equipment for your live streaming. Apart from good quality   audio setup, you should also show good face to your audience.

Best Cameras for Live Streaming:

To make your video look professional and impressive, use cameras other than your laptop’s built-in webcam. Below mentioned three camera types can be chosen for your next live stream.

Web Camera

For those who record right in front of their system, a compatible web camera attached to their computers would be the easiest option for them. You can choose it in the camera options in Golden camera once it’s recognized by Chrome as a camera source after being plugged into your computer.



If streamer wants great videos with zero flaws then a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is the best streaming choice for you. Keep in mind that using this type of camera will require advanced knowledge in the technical side of video aspects.

But negative point about DSLRs is that, they have an auto-shutoff function if it is turned on for like 25 minutes. For longer time period, this can be a problem.

Some vlogging cameras you can use for live streaming are Canon EOS 80D or Canon EOS M50. Lenses can be changed tighter or wider shots.



Camcorders are key equipment when it comes to live streaming and vlogging. They may cost more than a DSLR or an HD webcam but it will give you crystal clear videos without suddenly turning off after a certain time.

The camcorder is great for longer broadcasts and also great if you want to record from a distance.  When you becomes out of the frame, it will automatically focus on your face right away when you get back. Unlike DSLRs, you may have to manually adjust the focus in situations like that.

Live Mobile Setup

Using mobile phone as your streaming camera is a perfect option too. It is also good streaming option if you just want to go live for your vlog. Fortunately, many mobiles now have HD cameras that will give you clear shots. Some hi-fi mobiles also have built-in stabilizers for a more steady shot during streaming.

Investing in a tripod and a phone adapter would be a perfect match for streaming with mobile.

What to look at when buying cameras for streaming?

Between cameras, audio equipment, and lighting it can be easy to quickly rack up a good amount of bills when investing in good live streaming equipment. The best camera for streaming definitely doesn’t need to sell your organ. But it is important to have a certain level of production worth, though expensive lights and fancy backdrops aren’t the deciding factors on whether or not your audience stays with you.

An action camera is an interesting option too. Such as the GoPro Hero9 Black and the DJI Osmo Action. These cameras feature a front-facing display that helps users to frame themselves and see what their viewers will see.

If you are thinking to upgrade your kit, then it’s time to pick up an action camera, a mirrorless camera, a camcorder, or a DSLR to give you better creative control over your streaming.