Camera prices in Pakistan

Camera prices in Pakistan fluctuate frequently due to the change in the dollar rate, prices fluctuating. Golden Camera has made things easier for its customers by not changing prices and keeping prices accessible to the people of Pakistan. The DSLR camera is for you if you are a person who enjoys high-quality photography and video recording. These multi-functional cameras give you a good idea of ​​what the final image will look like.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, these devices can be tried because they come with flexible hand-held controls, flexible lenses, and amazing image quality. Not long ago these cameras were used only by professionals, but nowadays anyone with a love of photography can afford them. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right equipment at the right price, which is why we have made a list.

Check out Our Best Camera Prices in Pakistan

1. Camel Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR

It is at the top of our list because it is a powerful machine with outstanding photography options. This amazing camera is capable of shooting in 4k and offers a fully compact CMOS sensor of 30.4MP as well as excellent balance and sensitivity adjustment and low light performance. It is capable of operating within the extended ISO 100-32000 range and reaches ISO 5-102400 with low noise and sharp images in various conditions. As well as quality features and high performance, users also get to upgrade the AF system, GPS and much more.

To deliver fast and detailed images, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera uses a DIGIC 6+ image processor. It can also handle up to 7 frames per second when shooting continuously. There is a measuring sensor of 150,000 pixels that scans the scenes and gives you the right exposure under different lighting settings. The camera price of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR in Pakistan is 325,000 Rupees. You can buy this camera by visiting here.

Canon camera

2. Nikon D850

This camera gives you high resolution and speed when taking pictures. There is also a recording of the expiration date and a suitable movie that gives you flexibility. The camera has a 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor, EXPEED 5 image processor, and high resolution that gives you detailed images. It can be very helpful to you if there is low light around, the sensors also provide a sharp edge.

The Nikon D850 comes with the latest timepieces and recording techniques ready for recording. There is an advanced AF system, the flagship D5, and 99 contrast sensors that give you good focus when taking pictures with various light settings. The price of the Nikon D850 in Pakistan is 319,000 Rupees. You can buy it in our store by visiting here.

Nikon camera

3. Camel Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR

This is the third on our list because of its 22.3MP and unique graphics capabilities. Comes with the latest DIGIC 5+ processor that gives you detailed images even in low light areas. It can be expanded to the ISO 102400 range. Image quality can also be enhanced by the latest 61 points with high-density autofocus, which includes 41 AF-type points and extreme sharpness.

The Canon 5D Mark III has an AF system and uses color information to give you accurate exposure. Multiple exposure modes and HDR have great potential that can reduce the production stress posted in your head. It can also record HD videos at multiple frames.

It has high brightness and light resistance which can be useful in light conditions. There is a Superimposed LCD that shows 100% viewing. The price for Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera in Pakistan is 293,500. Available at our store to buy it Here.

dslr camera

4. Camel Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR

The Canon EOS 6D is a next-generation camera for professional photography. A gold camera has been made available to the people of Pakistan. It has a high-performance model, and many advantages compared to older models. You will get enhanced imaging with the help of a 26.2MP CMOS sensor. It uses the DIGIC 7 image processor to be sharp and has a clear image in many different situations. It gives you an advanced ISO range of 100-40000. It can be reused up to ISO 5-102400.

You can expand your photography career with an outstanding AF program. There are many improvements made to it compared to older models leading to faster acquisitions. With the Advanced AF system, its sensors incorporate dual Pixel AF technology for advanced focus during video capture. This is an outstanding model for both beginners and professionals. The price for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera in Pakistan is 269,000. You can just visit our store Here. and buy it at a discount.

digital camera

5. Nikon D750

Are you a person who likes to be strong on your camera? Then this camera is for you. It has a completely new way of taking pictures that enhances performance. Internal circuits are developed in a way that gives you high resolution. The interface of this camera is designed to give you control and help you focus on the photos you are about to take.

nikon camera

There is no need to look at the specs because you can only understand the true power of this amazing camera if you hold it in your hands. The manufacturers have really pushed the design to a whole new level by combining practical features. Pakistani Nikon D750 Camera Rs 215,000 rupees. You can order this easily by using Here.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2 Zoom: Which One Should You Opt for?

DJI’s Mavic series is the most reputed brand in the drone camera market, and it has four models – Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini, and two other versions of the Mavic 2: Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro. If you need the best features you will gravitate to the Mavic 2 of the first two models, but then you need to decide between these two.

If you are getting started in drone cameras, it would be easire to learn with the Mavic 2, but you might get enough of what you need with the much afforable rates in Mavic Mini. If you are especially want to get into fast action, the mid-tier but latest Mavic Air 2 can output 4K at 60fps but it does not offer the same featureof automated collision sensors or flight modes.

The Mavic 2 quadcopter series also facing strong competition from the Autel EVO II which, like the Mavic 2, is available in Pro configurations but is even bigger and some features are missing.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Design & Build


Take-Off Weight 907g 905g
Size 322 x 242 x 84mm 322 x 242 x 84mm
Folded size 214 x 91 x 84mm 214 x 91 x 84mm
Diagonal span 354mm 354mm
Sensors Forward: Binocular, Rear: Binocular, Landing: Multiple, Side: Monocular Forward: Binocular, Rear: Binocular, Landing: Multiple, Side: Monocular

There is not a lot of comparsion between the two as both drones use the same airframe, but this is important to point out how good it is. The Mavic 2 is a reinforced version of the original Mavic Pro 

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Maneuverability and Speed


Horizontal Speed 72kph / 44.74mph 72kph / 44.74mph
Ascent Speed 5 m/s 5 m/s
Descent Speed 3 m/s 3 m/s

It is not surprising that two near-identical drones have matching performance; the 2 gms weight differential do not have any much effect on the key features of performance. Both, can fly at upto 6,000m altitude.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Battery

DJI Mavic 2 Pro:   3,850mAh – 31 minutes

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom 3,850mAh – 31 minutes

We are observing at the same battery timings and the same airframe, and only 2 more gms on the Pro. They have good batteries, with built-in circuits to calculate remaining power and reduce the fire risk. Depending on whether you can have your Mavic 2 alone or with the Fly More kit, you will get one or 3 of these batteries, and with the kit a ‘Charging Hub’ which allows you to sequentially charge batteries with them without you having to be there to swap the batteries again. If you are traveling, then this is a must to have accessory as you will likely needt to do all your charging while you yourself recharge!

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Controller

The Mavic 2 controller – same for both, of course, takes advantage of the DJI Go 4 App and your smart phone to give live feedback, with video visiblility at up to 10 km. This radio technology is found in the latest Mavic Air 2, and is a distinguished improvements over may other drones we had, but the implementation and execution on the Mavic 2 series works even further than the Mavic Air 2, being compatible with DJI’s goggles to give an on-site client a real first person view.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Camera and lens

Sensor size 1-inch CMOS 1/2.3-inch CMOS
Resolution 5472×3648 pixels 4000×3000 pixels
Megapixels 20 12
Effective focal length (EFL) 28mm 24-48mm
Maximum aperture f/2.8 f/2.8-3.8

This is where things are marked differently; these does not have the same cameras at all (Although they do both seem to handle same data – the 12 megapixels Zoom’s burst mode can handle 7 shots while the 20 megapixels Pro caps out at 5). Where the components matter, though, the Pro has the upper hand: 100 – 12,800 ISO beats 100 – 3,200 on the Zoom.

Mavic 2 Pro vs Zoom: Video

Max resolution 4K 4K
HDR Yes No
10-bit DLog-M Yes No
Codecs H.264 / H.265 H.264 / H.265

It is difficult hard to argue Mavic 2 Zoom has the better camera drone, but for moviemakers the ability to operate a real telephoto lens might bring some great benefits. You can achieve some different alternatives if your drone is tracking from different distances, so a zoom is very appealing for filmmakers also


Splitting the DJI Mavic 2 into different models makes the choice difficult, so the foremost point is that you would not really be going wrong with either. They  both are well-equipped drones aircraft with excellent range and good battery life.

For those peoplewho think most about photographs – the Mavic 2 Pro seems worth the extra penny for them. Similarly, if you are shooting for high-end distribution content, and you find that editors insist on a file of 10-bit video, then you will have no choice but to opt the Pro and work in either 28mm or 40mm equivalent focal length when capturing video. 

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