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Photography as a Business in Pakistan

Starting your own photography business is a great way to add a second income or a main income if you work hard. While the photography market in Pakistan is competitive, many photography business owners have been able to find their niche and build a sustainable career. Like most creative endeavors, you need to balance your passion for photography with real business skills in order to be successful.

To build and grow your business, you need both raw talent and a knack for marketing. You should continually be working to improve your craft and evolving your product and work consistently on your own branding, online marketing, and people skills. Without the two, the results will likely just be an expensive hobby rather than a viable full-time business.

The Cost to Start a Photography Business in Pakistan

The cost varies greatly as a photographer whether you’re starting out or looking to grow your existing business into something larger.  

According to professional photographer Austen Diamond, “building slow and smart” will help you stay nimble. Allow the organic growth of your business to fund gear improvements, and avoid debt if possible, he said.

You should make budget for these checklist:

  • Two cameras
  • Multiple lenses
  • Two flashes
  • Multiple memory cards
  • Two external drives
  • Computer or laptop with sufficient memory
  • Website
  • Business licenses:
  • Business cards

Optional expenses:

  • Business training
  • Photography workshops and classes
  • Stylish camera bags and straps
  • Second computer
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Studio and office space

Other things you’ll need to do (that may be free or low-cost):

  • Market your business via social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to start)
  • Create your business name and logo
  • Research the best business structure (LLC, S corporation, or other)
  • Acquire sales tax permit and employer identification number (EIN)
  • Set up business bank accounts
  • Find a way to manage client contact information and emails
  • Choose a spreadsheet and scheduling solution (Google Docs is free)
  • Establish a referral program

1. Choose your Photography Startup Idea

Every successful startup needs a unique business idea. But photography is a broad niche. So, if you want to start a successful photography business with no money and experience?

You will have to explore several best photography business ideas and target the specific niche.  Here are some photography startup ideas you can think about.

  • Wedding Photography Business
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Tourism Photography
  • Pet Photography Business
  • News Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Photography in Trade Shows
  • Stock Photography
  • Freelance Photography

After selecting your specific niche, now you will have to name your startup company. In order to name your startup, you will have to do some brainstorming and think about unique photography business names.

Explore different photography business name ideas and select the right one that exactly matches with your niche.

2. Creating a Photography Business Plan

For many people, writing a business plan is a complete waste of time. But several biz professionals have already recommended that startup business planning always helps the aspiring entrepreneurs to set the specific goals and objectives.

With the help of startup plan, you can easily fulfill startup dream and reach the final destination. All you need is to write a one-page startup business plan and answer the main questions such as your

  • Goals and objectives
  • Strengths, weakness, skills and experience
  • Targeted ideal clients or customers
  • growth hacking strategies
  • Financials, startup expenses, and revenues

Don’t waste your time in writing a 5-year detailed business plan. Just go for a 1-page photography business plan and cover the main things.

3. Choose your Business Location

Right business location always plays an important role in business growth and sales. If you want to start this business in your local area then you will have to select your specific location so people can easily find and hire you.

Alternatively, if you have a low budget and can’t afford an office, then you can use the internet to start a business online.

To get potential clients, you will have to join social media sites and freelancing platforms. Furthermore, you can also start a website/blog to showcase your skills and attract customers online.

4. Get Photography Business License

In some countries, registration and licensing are mandatory for some businesses. Registration or getting a license is also a good way to secure a startup business.

If you want to secure your business and get started legally, you will have to register your sole proprietor business. All you need is to visit your local registration office, submit your startup details and get the license.

5. Startup Financing

Financing is a bitter reality of every startup business. To run your business successfully, you will have to do some financial planning. Calculate how much money you need to start your business. For example, calculate your projected

  • Expenses
  • Sales
  • Revenues for next twelve months

If you have enough funds then it’s great. But if not think about how much money is required and how you will raise it?

Writing a Financial plan summary will help you to manage and control expenses in the initial startup phase. You can also track your financial performance on regular basis. If you find something wrong. You can fix it easily.

How to Promote Your Business in Pakistan?

To some extent, promoting a photography business is little bit a difficult task. But thanks to the social media sites, you can promote your startup to thousands of online audience.

Join these sites especially Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and create official pages to promote your startup. Further, you can also promote your photography business via sharing wedding invitation with photos.

After following all the aforementioned steps, hope so you will be able to launch your new photography business easily. Launch it and track your progress.

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Exploring the Best Photography Places in Karachi

Karachi is a metropolitan city with more than 200 million people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds as its residents. It is also known as the city of lights because most of the commercial and business activities and, especially restaurants serving the best desi food in Karachi, remain functional until almost full night. Apart from that, being the hub of economic prospects, Karachi is also a center for some of the most versatile photoshoot places.

During the British era, the ruling authorities have constructed some of the most memorable monuments and structures that remain intact to this date, except the city’s famous Mausoleum, where the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was laid to rest when he died.

Some of the historical places are most famous among the nationals of the country as well as foreign visitors. They especially prefer having detailed photography at some of the most famous structures. Let’s help you to explore the most famous monumental structures that can potentially make  the best photo shoot places in Karachi.


Frere Hall was constructed during in 1865 but till date it remains one of the most iconic structures in Pakistan. This historical building makes it a beautiful sight for high-value photographs shoots like weddings and for any other special occasions.

The best thing about this building is that it is easily accessible to everyone to use it as one of the best photo shoot destinies in Karachi. For the past few years, it has also been arranging the famous Karachi Food Festival, which takes place every year.


It is a vast mansion, and was built in the 1920s by the Mohatta family. It is one of the best attractions of Karachi for its beautiful gardens that surround the main palace. The beauty of this structure is that it is constructed using Gizri stone and  pink stone from Jodhpur.

Mohatta Palace is the building of Mughal Architecture. It is a beautiful place to visit, and people visiting from the other cities within Pakistan as well as for foreigners. Mohatta Palace is ideal for photo shoots and witness its historical importance.

It is also often used by production houses in Pakistan for photo and video shoots consisting of top models of showbiz. Some notable political families have also preferred Mohatta Palace as the perfect sight to host lavishing events.


Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan bought this house in 1944 and used it as his residence for a few years. It was built in 1890, and it is popularly known for its architectural design. The antique looking design of this building makes it a perfect place for photo shoots and video making. What makes it even more appealing is its cost-free accessibility.

People also prefer visiting it with their kids so that they also hold its importance as a unique historical monument and increasing knowledge.


It was built post-independence, and what is so unique about this structure is that, that it was entirely constructed from white marble. It is an architectural gem which makes it a perfect venue for photography. It has also cost-free accessibility.

The top political authorities and people visits this place to pay respect to one of the most prominent leaders and founders Pakistan. During such events or visits, there is massive media coverage as well as photo shoots aiming to highlight the historical importance of the monument.


This historical site is located in the Porsche area of  Karachi – Clifton, and it also links to Bin Qasim Park. The architecture of this monumental structure has two divisions: The Lady Lloyd Pier and The Promenade Pavilion. These structures were established in 1920 using famous pink stones from Jodhpur. It is also free for everyone, and also makes a perfect site for photo shoots. It has lush green Bin Qasim Park in neighbor that provides the most stunning views for ideal photography.

Bin Qasim Park is the biggest park in Karachi, and frequently visited by families as it provides a perfect sight for stunning photo shoots. It is highly crowded, especially during the weekends as people enjoy some of the best moments of their life. For more guidance on this topic or camera gear please contact us at: [email protected] or call: +923122951169.