Sony A7 IV Versus the A7 III: Comparison

The Sony A7 range has long been a series of well-known cameras, reaching a fantastic space between speculation and price, and on October 21 at 3pm GMT / 10am EDT the new Sony Alpha A7 IV was unveiled.

The previous Alpha A7 III is one of the best-selling non-reflective cameras with a full frame, but about 4 years after its first launch, it is probably a little longer for birds.

Since the 47-year-old A7 III road price is much lower than the Sony A7 IV when it was launched, why not buy a new baby on the block? We bring you this in-depth comparison of Sony A7 IV vs A7 III to help you choose between the two.


Sony A7 III has a 24.2 MP BackSide Illuminated (BSI) Exmor R that delivers still image quality and 4K video.
The 24-megapixel has become the epitome of the latest cameraless and mid-range cameras, with the highest megapixel counts set for premium flagship models.

Sony sensor

The A7 IV enhances the ante using the newly built 33 megapixel Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor, which is likely to be the sensor of choice for all Sony full-featured cameras as well as the front-end.


Sony A7 IV uses the latest BIONZ XR processor, as it was previously acquired on the Sony A7S III camera, which offers 15+ flexible range stops.

Sony processor

ISO speed

There is almost no choice between the two models here, both A7 III and A7 IV which offer the ISO range all the way up to ISO 204,800.


A7IV provides 4K UHD video recording in XAVC SI format, up to 60fps at 4: 2: 2 color depth of 10-bit memory card inserted or over HDMI to external compatible third party records with long wavelength. GOP or All-Intra. coding.

4K / 30p video has been moderately extruded from 7K in full frame, but unfortunately 4K / 60p is taken in 4.8K in APS-C Super 35 mode.
So when it captures 4K at 30p, the camera uses full image sensor to capture over 7K value data, but at 60p, 1.5x throughput.
Supports S-Cinetone, HLG, S-Log3 and S-Log2 profiles. 4K / 60p recording or 10-bit recording is not available in the older A7 III and it uses 1.2x output on 4K / 30p video, and though the Super 35mm 4K / 60p on A7IV is disappointing, it is still a step great. forward from the Mark III camera.

Both can record Full 1080 HD up to 120fps, with dedicated slow and fast mode offering independent rates from 1fps to 120fps.
The A7 IV also has a few inherited features in the A7S III which set it apart from the A7 III. These include AF Speed ​​A7S III settings, no recording time at all, bright blue color, ability to shoot live videos, live streaming support, and dual recording of NTSC and PAL on a memory card without re-formatting it.

In addition, the one-touch movie button has been removed from its unfavorable location from the back of the A7 III to the top panel of the A7 IV.

Sony A7 IV supports Digital Audio Interface to allow the use of the ECM-B1M digital gun microphone. It also has a list of new video settings that you won’t find in A7III, which includes Breathing Compensation to help reduce breath-taking with some Sony lenses, Shockless White Balance to make manual adjustments to smooth white balance, Flexible Exposure Mode. switching between automatic and human exposure settings separately at the opening and shutter speed, as well as two types of Shot Marks to mark your favorite capture or scenes.


A7IV inherits Creative Look pre-set images from JPEG images from A7S III and A1 models, and six additional ‘traditional’ key can be stored manually for quick access.

Automatic focus

The A7 IV auto focus system supports Real-time Tracking AF and human AF, animal and bird Eye, both vertical and animated, making it Sony’s first camera to provide full AF support for both shooting modes.

Sony autofocus

One of the more controversial aspects of the new camera is the launch price of Sony A7 IV in Pakistan. Whilst the Sony A7 III price in Pakistan has been on the market for a few years now and has naturally declined in price, we still think that Sony is being somewhat over-ambitious with the A7 IV.

It’s no longer the “entry-level” model that it’s predecessor clearly was – instead the A7 III will continue in that role (Sony always carry on selling previous models), along with the more compact Alpha A7C.


Creating the successor to one of the most popular full-frame cameras of recent years was always going to be a difficult task, especially at a time of rising prices and component shortages.

A lot has changed in the four years since the A7 III was released, and it’s clear that the new Mark IV is a much more capable hybrid camera than its predecessor, on paper at least.

Sony a7 iv

Sony A7 IV Price in Pakistan, Rumors and Leaks

Its been 3 and half years since the launch of the Sony A7 III and it changed the game for mirrorless full-frame cameras. Though it is a good buy, still it is promptly lagging behind its newer version in some areas like its video frame rates and EVF. Sony A7 IV has a camera that focuses on the quality of the images and videos it captures

Sony A7 IV Release Date and Price in Pakistan

  • Rumour was there that it will be released by October
  • The price of this camera was rumored to be around $2,500 / £2,500 / AU$3,900

News from the reliable Sony Alpha Rumors is that this camera launch has been delayed from September to October.

It means the launch will come 3 and half year after the announcement of its previous version, which is a long gap in mirrorless camera terms. Whereas Sony A7C, and Sony A1  have a strong video quality.

Sony A7 IV rumors and features

There are not any big leaks of the Sony A7 IV till date, but rumors from reliable sources are coming since early 2021. Everything claimed about the Sony A7 IV, and our analysis on what is in this new significant camera is here.


  • Sony A7 IV will have 30 – 32MP sensor

Sony A7 IV rumors says that it will use a new sensor, whose resolution will be higher than its previous version.  With a resolution of 30.65MP, it is a full-frame sensor, and allows for up-to 36.6 FPS read-out.

Viewfinder and Screen

  • 69-m dot electronic viewfinder expected
  • Fully articulating screen.
  • LCD will be abit cheap for reducing price


Sony A7 IV’s electronic viewfinder (EVF) will witness it, just like its previous version. Sony Alpha Rumors says that its camera will have a 3.69-million dot EVF which is below 5.76-million dot panel of Sony A7R IV, and is still better from the A7 III’s 2.3-million-dot EVF.


The Sony A7R IV’s EVF has a resolution of 1600×1200, with the Sony A7 III’s resolution is  at 1024 x 768. Whereas  Sony A7 IV, would be in between 1280 x 960 pixels.


  • Shoot 4K/60p video

One of the best features of this new launch is pretty obvious – it will provide 4K video capture at 60 frames.

Sony A7R IV captures a maximum 4K/30p and is more costly.   Sony A7S III video-focused camera also shoot 4K /120fps, which is the Sony A7 IV almost certainly will not offer.

Sony a7 iv


  • Autofocus system like Sony A1 and Sony A7S III
  • Will get Bird Eye AF, like Sony A1

Any solid conclusion is not made about the Sony A7 IV’s autofocus specifications. There hasn’t launched any camera with its particular sensor till not, and AF points are linked to the sensor, because cameras like this use on-sensor phase pixels detects.

Burst shooting

  • Not confirmed the news on buffer size or burst shooting
  • It would offer 15-18fps burst rates, based on the Sony A7III’s read-out speeds

Early thoughts

If the rumors mentioned so far would be correct, the Sony A7 IV camera seems to be in the right direction. We will likely get the same quality video abilities as we find in Canon EOS R6, also, a higher-resolution sensor that should give it an edge.

9.44-million-dot electronic viewfinder would be great, but can not at the A7 IV’s expected cost.

We are looking forward to the Sony Alpha a7 IV’s display style, though. Golden camera will update with more rumors or official information as soon as it arrives. For price and buying Sony A7 IV, please contact us.