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Best Camera Bags For Photographers in 2021

There is a lot of discussions and talks about what should be in the photographers’ bags but which bag is best should be discussed and here we have talked about the photographer’s best with the features.

The photographer needs a bag best for their job. A good bag not only holds all your gear but protects it too. It should be stylish and want durable and spacious too.

The camera bag is popular with working photographers. Here you will find a list of the best camera bags available in 2021 and we want to explain the different types that might suit you.

  • Shoulder bags: A single strap that has one shoulder, these are simple bags with easy access and spacious. These types of bags are Ideal for traveling purposes. ‘Messenger bags’ are slimmer, with a pocket for a laptop and that is designed to let you push them round to your back.


  • Backpacks: This is designed with two straps for each shoulder, they are good for carrying heavier kits over longer distances, or when traveling. Backpacks are better weatherproofed than other bags and carry extra space for other items like tripods etc.


  • Sling bags: Mixture of shoulder bags and backpacks, sling bags are single-strap bags worn across one shoulder. This style bag is a good choice if you like your camera gear out of the way but still quickly reachable.


  • Holsters: These are bag types with small designs and are made for very light use. Some of its designs can even be worn on a belt. These kinds of bags are good for a single camera and lens.


  • Roller bags: If you are a traveler then roller bags are ideal for you as it has wheels that let you drag them around on the ground. Designed for camera transport, not easy access, and not suitable for hiking.


  • Hard cases: This is ideal for expensive kits as they keep it safe though they are not comfortable to carry


Backpack Lowepro 350 AW For DSLR Lenses and Laptop

Canon Triangle Bag

camera bag

Nikon Triangle Bag V1

camera bag


When you think of purchasing photography bags, it all depends on your use, your kit size, and safety. The bag should be easy to carry and should give you easy access to yourself and your accessories. A bag should be good in looks and stylish as well.

There are many camera bags in Pakistan to choose from in the market. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is a camera bag for you. You can contact Golden camera for buying Camera Bag


Cityscape photography

Tips for Amazing Cityscape Photography

When we think of any city either New York or Paris, first their iconic cityscapes come to mind. There is no doubt in this that cityscape photography is so popular. The good part of this photography is that it is not so difficult. Subjects around a city will be clear and still. Find some amazing cityscape photography tips here.


Right weather results in stunning cityscape photography. Outdoor photography relies on the natural light available. Only natural light is not the only source but mist and Stormy skies can add to beautiful pictures. Weather will surely have an impact on cityscape photography.


Hands-Free Options

When capturing cityscape it is better to use a tripod and hands-free shutter releases both. These gadgets ensure sharper images and reduce handshakes. At some places you can’t use a tripod, there you can use a sock filled with rice as a portable stabilizer.

Capturing from Rooftop Bars

Usually, big cities have tall buildings and most of them have viewing platforms through which you can capture. But some places require planning. Rooftop bars are best if you can’t find any viewing platforms.

Adjust F-Stop and ISO for Sharp Images

There are some camera settings you want to adjust in cityscape photography.  Start with the aperture at f/8 and work your way up. This will give you sharp images. Also, keep your ISO as low as possible. Because higher the ISO, your image will get more noise. When the camera is handheld, keep your shutter speed at 1/125 s minimum.

Combine Framing Techniques

The subject should be in the frame and this composition rule creates a balanced image. Good results can be achieved by aiming at the horizon in your image or you can focus on a point of interest to capture uniquely. A mixture of techniques can be done for the best results.

Focus foreground

The foreground is an important component in cityscape photography. You just need to slight your camera up a little while placing it on the ground. Close-up shots from the ground give great results.

People in the frame

For best outcomes, try to include people in your frame, as this is the important subject moreover it helps in showing the scale of your city. Small figure running, walking, or jumping against large picture is an interesting contrasting element. In this way wall or building is better emphasized in the picture.


Try to look for reflections in the image to add balanced symmetry and depth. Reflections can be better captured near bridges over bodies of water or waterfronts. Also, it can be shown in buildings, windows, and puddles also help create abstract images. This gives interesting effects in the picture.


Shooting During Golden Hour and Blue Hour

Golden hour and blue hour is the best time to photograph a cityscape. Golden hour is the time after sunrise and before sunset, whereas blue hour is just after the sun goes down and can last anywhere between 5 to 40 minutes.

Golden hour

Wide Angle Lens

To shoot wider you need to capture from a wide-angle lens. This is important in landscape photography as you need to capture a lot in the frame. It shows the center of your image a bit far, so you might need to crop the image later.


For more guidance or any camera price in Pakistan, contact Golden Camera.

canon 250 d vs canon 50m

Canon EOS 250D vs Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS 250D and Canon EOS M50 are digital cameras and were announced in April 2019 and February 2018 respectively. Canon 250D is a DSLR camera, while the M50 is a mirrorless camera. Both have APS-C sensor and they both offer a resolution of 24 megapixel results..

Here is a glance comparison of both cameras.

canon cameras


Canon 250D   Canon M50
Interchangeable single-lens reflex Mirrorless camera
\EF mount lenses EF-M mount lenses
24 Mexapixel 24 Mexapixel
4K/25p Video 4K/24p Video
ISO 100-25,600 ISO 100-25,600
Optical viewfinder Electronic viewfinder
5 shutter flaps/sec 10 shutter flaps /sec
1070 shots per battery charge 235 shots per battery charge
122 x 93 x 70 mm, 449 g 116 x 88 x 59 mm, 390 g

Comparison of Body

The two cameras are presented according to their sizes. Both cameras’ all height, width, and depth measures are rounded to the nearest mm.

Both canons cameras are available in black and white.

If we take the front view area of the cameras as a total measure of the size, the Canon EOS M50 is 10% smaller and 13 % lighter than the Canon 250D.

Sensor comparison

The sensor inside a digital camera is one of the key determinants of image quality and its size matters a lot. A large sensor means larger individual pixels which is eventually results in a wider dynamic range, better low-light sensitivity, and richer color-depth than smaller pixel-units in a sensor of the same technological generation. Also, it offers the photographer more control over depth-of-field. Larger sensors downside is that, that they tend to be associated with larger, and expensive camera lenses and bodies.

Canon’s cameras have a format factor of 1.6, an APS-C sensor, and a native aspect ratio of 3:2.

Canon EOS 250D has a sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 25600 and can be extended to ISO 100-51200 respectively whereas, the M50 offers exactly the same ISO settings.

Feature comparison

After a comparison of body and sensor, we will check the features of the two cameras as they both differ. Like the M50 has an electronic viewfinder (2360k dots), while the 250D has an optical one.

Both have their own benefits like with the EVF it is possible to project supplementary shooting information into the framing image, and in the optical viewfinder, you cannot view and project a clear framing view.

Canon 250D and the Canon M50 both cameras have an articulated screen that can be turned to the front-facing. This is really great for photographers who are interested in taking selfies and vloggers.

Both cameras have an intervalometer built-in. This feature enables the photographer to capture time-lapse sequences, for example, a sunset, moonrise, or a flower blooming, without having an external camera trigger.

Connectivity comparison

Some applications prefer the extent to which a camera can communicate in its surroundings and it can be an important aspect in the camera decision. In particular, the interfaces the cameras provide for data transfer and accessory control.


Review summary

Question is, Is the Canon M50 better than Canon 250D or vice versa? The below points highlights the relative strengths of the two cameras.


Reasons to Choose the Canon EOS M50:

  • Has an electronic viewfinder.
  • Shoots at a higher frequency.
  • Has been on the market for longer (launched in 2018).

canon m50

Reasons to Choose the Canon EOS 250D:

  • Provides higher movie frame rates.
  • Offers an optical viewfinder for clear, lag-free composition.
  • Can take more shots on a single battery charge.
  • Lower priced segment.
  • Is more recent.
  • canon 250d


Photography tips

Holiday Photography and Photobook

Make an action plan

Are you in a mood to celebrate your holidays to your fullest and want them to be memorable? Then you can even without panicking. Just make a proper action plan. Like if you plan to capture family pictures get a feel for the kid by discussing and planning a wardrobe. Costume and backdrop matching is a good idea. Arrange your shooting area, and make sure everything is up to your expectations

Make it fun

On occasions usually, elders are stressed out so make them calm and make this a memory and make it fun. Don’t just focus on things like decorating Santa etc, but make it fun with your shopping experiences, etc.


Holiday Photo Books

For creating a holiday photo book you need to keep all past and present holiday pictures with you and preferably sequence-wise so it makes the best record. A holiday photobook can best be kept for memory purposes.

There are options like Chalkboard Christmas, Vintage Christmas, Noel, and more, there are many photo book templates to choose from. You can include many things in the photobook from decorating your home with the stuff of decorations, decorating cookies and gingerbread houses, hanging Christmas ornaments on your tree, and memorable family parties. Now make your celebration double with these whimsical photo books that will document your memories.

Holiday photography

Many people value records of their family and friends gathered to enjoy the spirit of holidays. Doesn’t matter which occasion you are celebrating, the more of the photography tips you follow, the better your holiday photographers and photobook will be.

If you like photography and want to improve your photography skills, then make yourself the photographer for all your family events and celebrations. With this, you will be given many opportunities to shoot holiday photos of all the family events, decorations. When everyone will start recognizing you as the official photographer, your next step is to make sure you are prepared. Backend work should be completed before an occasion like arrangement of accessories, camera charging, put blank memory cards, a tripod if needed, and flash unit. When you prepared with your equipment think about decorating the place you will be shooting at and prepare it according to your needs like set lightings, making it interesting with props, etc. And test your skills and place by taking pictures before the actual day.

What can you capture?

Making a photo book is not that difficult, you just need to capture the right things at right time to show real celebrations and feelings. For that, you need to take care and cover these things:

  • Pre-arrangements and decorations
  • Cake cutting
  • Gifts and giveaways
  • Emotions like people talking and laughing

    Creating photobook and holiday photography is only difficult if you are not prepared and have not done any arrangements before the actual day. To be a skilled photographer learn how to be an observer with your camera and use these photography tips. These simple tips will make your photography events better and you will end up with a good photobook and a piece of art of yours.

For more guidance or information, please contact Golden camera



The Best Tripod for Photographers in 2021

Tripods are any photographer’s first purchase as it is an essential accessory. A stable and budget-friendly tripod opens up loads of options for shooting that are technically near to impossible without this. Post-processing can work but still, it cannot match the results of pictures taken with the tripod that give you a long exposure or allow you to capture a moving subject. These features are present in-camera and can be used with a mirrorless camera, a DSLR, or a smartphone.

Different tripods have different specifications and sizes. For your guidance, we have listed some benefits and tripods that also offer the best value for money right now. With analysis, we have got a good list of heavy tripods for pro setups, lightweight tripods, travel tripods, and everything.

Tripod Price in Pakistan

How much will the tripod be? This is one of the initial questions that come to your mind after specification. And the answer is it varies according to needs. A Tripod with a set of legs and a head can be between $15 to about $1,500.

So with features, an eye on stability, performance, load-bearing capacity, and price, here are 5 tripods listed that we think are the best for you.

The best tripods in 2021

Libec 650ex Tripod System

DJI Rs 2 Pro Combo

Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Handheld Stabilizer

DJI RSC 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

DJI RS 2 Gimbal Stabilizer

Best tripod for photography and video in 2021 - CNET

Choosing the Best Tripod for DSLR

Tripods may look similar to each other but small details and technicalities make a big difference.

The different photographers need different specifications and features. According to your type of photography, you will be needing specific features that will help in capturing and shooting best.

These factors should be considered before purchasing a tripod.

  • Head type
  • Type of photography
  • Materials
  • Tripod weight
  • Height
  • Load capacity
  • Budget
  • Leg construction.

Best DSLR Tripods (7 Great Tripod Picks for 2021)Final Words

In this article we have given options from well-known manufacturers, also explained some features that you should rely on.

With all the above-mentioned points it is clear that we have a variety of options available for camera tripods in 2021, and the question is which one suits your photography type? Like if you are finding for a tripod to carry you in travel, you will need something small and lightweight.

In today’s era, there is a lot more to tripods than a support plate and 3 legs. Here we tried our best to give you some inspiration to buy your next tripod purchase best.

Just like other photography tools, tripod features and designs evolve. The Golden camera will keep on updating this guide as new models are released, so make sure you check back on our site. Or contact us for more guidance or information.



How to Do Panning Photography

Panning implies motion in your photography. Panning can be used to create a sense of motion in your images. It is not as tough as you might think. Here we have discussed some techniques to do this in the best way.

What Is Panning?

A technique that lets you capture pictures in motion is panning. This results in focus for the subject that has a motion-blurred background. Panning gives the image a feeling of movement and it even makes the image look almost speedy.

Panning photography

1. Good Stance Is the Key

A good position to capture is the key to creating a panning shot. Here we have shared simple tips to master the panning:

  1. Keep your posture stiff and stand straight
  2. No movement of feets
  3. Keep your middle finger lightly on the shutter button;
  4. Track your subject in the viewfinder
  5. Click the shutter as they cross in front of you


Subject Example Shutter Speed (s)
Slow Slow-moving things 1/4 to 1/15
Moderate Cars or bikes in street 1/15 to 1/30
Fast Fast-moving vehicles 1/60 to 1/125

Good stance2. Panning and Motion Blur

Adding motion blur to pictures’ background, and various shutter speeds will also affect the motion blur of your subject.

A shutter speed with slow effect will create motion blur on any moving part of the subject

Motion blur

3. Focus on the Subject Manually

After discussing a few techniques we will now come to the focus part. Most people want their subject focused and the background blurred. What if you want to keep your subject in focus?

Autofocus can work but that might not do the trick. That’s why you need to manually focus sometimes.

To get this right technique correct, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Guess the point where the motion might look best
  • Focus the camera manually on that point before your subject reaches that point.Focus

4. Continuous Shooting Mode

Modern cameras can shoot at six frames per second, if not more, using continuous shooting mode. With this, you can set your camera to continuous shooting mode when panning. Continuous mode lets you get the chance of getting an excellent image as well as a focused subject


5. Panning and Image Stabilization

Image stabilization (IS) does not work well when panning. That’s why image stabilization is specifically created to counteract vibrations and camera movements.

If your lens has an advanced image stabilization mode then you can use it for panning technique. Like, some Canon cameras have an IS mode 2, which has customized designing for the purpose of panning.

image stabilization

Final words:

We have explained tips for stunning photos in panning techniques to make you become a better photographer.

But the journey doesn’t stop here. There are more tricks, tips, and secrets- which will help you take great images.

For more details, you can contact Golden Camera.

Adobe Camera Raw Vs Lightroom

Adobe Camera Raw Vs Lightroom

Raw file in Photoshop is a strange thing that can happen in the photography world. Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) a program takes over and opens that document. In this case, the workspace looks like the Develop module in Lightroom. Photoshop workspace cannot be seen until you go through Camera Raw.

Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw are almost the same programs, but they have differences too. Here we will compare Lightroom vs Camera Raw to see which one is best for youCamera Raw

When you use Adobe, camera raw features run in the background.

With photoshop you cannot open Raw files directly but you will need another program to decode the files. This is the job of Adobe Camera Raw.

In Canon cameras it creates.CR2 or.CR3 files and in Sony cameras it creates.ARW files. Other so many different types of Raw files. Adobe Camera Raw helps in decoding such files into a format that Photoshop can read.

Adobe Camera Raw vs Lightroom

Lightroom was released in 2007. then based on this, Adobe Camera Raw module was developed. Today, the user interfaces of these two are most common.

Image Editing

Adobe Camera Raw workplace looks similar to that in Lightroom. Image adjustments are in panels. 2021 version of Adobe Camera Raw ( is a hybrid of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Tools are arranged into panels like Lightroom Classic, but Camera Raw uses a few tool labels updated in CC. In both Lightroom and Camera Raw, you can clone, crop, and heal spots.

Results of Image Editing

Testing between Camera Raw and Lightroom head-to-head was conducted to see better results. These steps were followed:

  • Open Raw file
  • Click Auto button

This shows underlying algorithms for analyzing images and they were the same for the two programs.

  • Edited using the same program

Editing in either program doesn’t affect the result.

ACR Enhanced Tools

2021 update of Adobe Camera raw (13.2), Adobe changed the Enhanced Details tool to Raw Details. This tool sharpens your image as it is with Super Resolution.

Open Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

File transfer is easy and you can send a file from Lightroom to Photoshop for more advanced editing. In the reverse system, it’s a bit difficult. Still, you can edit in Photoshop and make Lightroom-like edits using the ACR filter. Through this basic photography, adjustments can be made


In Lightroom, this export tool is robust than in ACR. exporting a file to JPEG or DNG is easier. Lightroom contains a lot of file formats, including the Photoshop .psd file type. WhereasAdobe designed the Camera raw program to be part of a Photoshop workflow.


If you have used Adobe Lightroom then Adobe Camera Raw will look so familiar. The difference between them is just how you want to use the programs. CR is designed to work with Photoshop rather than as a single program.

For more, you can contact Golden Camera experts or leave us a comment.


Canon vs sony

Comparison – Canon EOS R Vs Sony A7III Camera

If you are thinking to buy or your decision is pending then do not worry, we have got some point in helping you choose between your next full-frame mirrorless camera in this critical review of Canon EOS R vs Sony A 7 III.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced mirrorless camera in the market then you may have noticed that the competition is really tough and close.

Canon EOS R and Sony a7III are not the latest touchscreen mirrorless cameras released but the fact is they are really powerful and created on most technical features.

Below you will find the crucial differences which will help you make your decision easier and faster.

Key Differences – Canon EOS R & Sony A7III

1. Viewfinder

Buying a mirrorless full-frame or any camera is interesting when you see the viewfinder for the first time. You are either let down or amazed.

The quality of the viewfinder in the Sony camera is not good enough and there doesn’t have the wow factor to make two thousand dollars cash to pay for it till you really evaluate whether it is the best buy and worth it.

Canon EOS R on the other hand will tickle your mind looking through the dreamlike viewfinder, especially if you are already seen what Sony has to offer and looking at it after that.

2. Rear LCD Screen

The Canon EOS R and the Sony A7 III both have to articulate rear LCD touch screens, but they have considerable differences between them.

If you already own a Sony mirrorless camera, you will probably find the Sony A7 III’s 3″ touch screen with 921,600 DPI better, and it seems fantastic till you see Canon’s rear LCD system.

Canon 2,100,000 DPI with 3.2″ LCD blows Sony’s screen less attractive in size and resolution.

3. Video

Today even expert photographers shoot some videos to go along with their photos. Both cameras- Sony and Canon offer 4K video for the web but here also with some good differences.

Capturing  wide landscape shots with your Canon EOS R video is going to accommodate wider lenses – which means spending a good amount of money

Whereas Sony captures 4K video at 24p and 6K and downsamples to get with 5K resolution with a 1.2x crop to provide 4K video at 30p. Video resolution of Sony is professional levels and above Canon’s video results definitely.

4. Sensor and Processor

Canon’s resolution is a 30.3mp full-frame CMOS sensor (36x24mm) with DIGIC 8 processor and the same size as Sony’s A7 III 24.2mp full-frame Exmore R CMOS sensor (35.6×23.8mm) with BIONZ X processor. A low pass filter is included in both cameras’ sensors.

But the resolution of the Canon camera does not matter in this competition when the full-frame sensor size is the same

5. Battery Life

Battery life is an important feature but you either care about it a lot, or you don’t care at all and tend to buy more batteries.

Canon EOS R full-frame camera uses the LP-E6N lithium-ion battery 1865mAh and is good for more than 300 shots per charge.

On the other hand, Sony A7 III operates 2280mAh which they rate as good for more than 700 shots in a single charge.

Hence, the Sony camera’s battery life is more than 22% bigger.

6. Image Stabilization

You get it or not but the fact is Canon doesn’t have image stabilization whereas Sony’s a7III has it.

Sony A7 III has the superiority of this feature over Canon because it has the feature of in-camera sensor-based optical stabilization of 5-axis.

7. Price

Canon EOS R is around $200 which is cheaper than the Sony A7 III (Check price on our SHOP).


Both Canon and Sony have tough and close competitors. Many consider Sony the mirrorless full-frame company to beat Canon, but it also offers a wider lenses selection.

creative photography techniques

5 Must try creative photography techniques

Explore some new techniques to shoot that will open your imagination and expand your photographic skills.

‘Creative photography’ is the term often used now and it is not only a cliché, but it is now hard to know what creativity actually means. Some photographers find blurred ‘abstract’ shot creative, while for others it is a badly exposed picture.

Here are five creative techniques you must try; with some, you can capture with just a kit lens and your camera, while a few require specific software, lighting kit, or filters.

5 creative photography techniques

Forced perspective

This forced perspective works when objects in your frame look like they are different in size from than the actual objects, because of the camera angle or distance that you shoot them.

Start by finding foreground and background, they are two points of interest that work together to create size illusion. A foreground object can be any subject that works according to your needs, or you use your fingers to hold subjects in the distance.

Freeze-frame action

Taking shots that are too fast to be seen with normal eyes can have some fascinating results. But freezing these rapid motion requires a more technical approach, and the results will be worth your effort to do so.

A freezing frame needs set up in which a subject and sound trigger in a darkened room should be present. Shutter speed should be set to a long exposure (it doesn’t matter how long the exposure is).

Motion BlurCamera trick levitation

Several aspects and approaches can take to capture edgy levitating shots, but we have approached with the simplest here, as there are no complicated or strings edits involved. You can fix your main camera in the same position on a tripod, and you will need to take two separate shots.

Stroboscopic motion

Stroboscopic motion effect created by a pulsing flash captures multiple times during freezing points, and long exposure as the subject moves. A dark space, a tripod, and a speed light that has a Multimode or Stroboscopic are good to try.

Set your camera on a tripod in front of your object, and a Speedlight on a side, then switch to manual mode. It is good to start with the exposure and shutter speed of around one second, ISO 100, and an aperture of f/11.

Repeating illusion

This inception-style picture within one frame is easy to create, whatever the scene is. You will just need two cameras – one to shoot the image with and one as a prop.

It’s easy to add another image onto the camera screen once you have taken a starting image of the back of your camera. Photographer named Louis Stacey duplicated the layers in Adobe Photoshop software, then used the Pen tool and Layer Mask to cut the camera screen. He resized the image with the duplicate layer underneath so that you can see more of the camera on the screen.



Photo website

Build a photo website from scratch: Show case your portfolio

Are you looking to create a new photo website, we have explained in detail and a step-by-step tutorial to help you do this.

Building a photography website might be a tempting thing as creating a photo website will take much more time than the usual website but it will be a better option to showcase your portfolio.


You can use picture-sharing websites such as Flickr or 500px, or you want to create your own website from scratch in WordPress or Drupal, everything you need to create a fantastic photo website is mentioned.

AssetPart 1: Choose a photo-sharing site

Consider using a photo-sharing website rather than spending your time tinkering around in the back end of a website. Just like social media platforms, for example, Instagram is ruled by algorithms, and websites such as 500px, Flickr, and others can give your pictures a better opportunity to be explored. As well as, photo-sharing websites can make your portfolios better, enabling users to check your work easily.

Part 2: Build a photography website in WordPress

WordPress is a super easy-to-use and user’s friendly CMS (content management system) if you are looking to create your website. It means now you can build your own photography website without having to spend much time on building each different element. Many see WordPress primarily for bloggers, but photographers can also take advantage of this system is a great way.

Part 3: Build a photo website in Drupal

Why not consider building your own site on Drupal if you like the idea of popping up the hood on your photo website. This is a one-step-ahead from creating a website in WordPress, but in this way, your efforts and time will be rewarded with ultimate customizability. Also, Drupal is free to use as it is an open-source CMS.




Using the wrong sized images can affect the performance of your website drastically? Also keep in mind  that most images are subject to copyright and its not a good idea to use them.

If you are not good in calculating your KB from your MBs, your JPGs from your PNGs, or your pixels, then no issues! We have some tips for you.

Image has to be downloaded in your computer when you visit a web page in your browser. If there are five photos on the page of 100 KBs each, that is 500 kilobytes that equates to a lot of traffic on the way.

How do I make it right?

AssetAfter reading above mentioned tips now you know how important it is to have correctly sized images and good quality images on your website. Questions is how do you go about making that happen?

These 4 things you need to know about creating images online:

  1. Where do I find images?
  2. What should be my image size?
  3. How can I minimize the image size?
  4. What to do with them now?

Where do I find images?

Select ‘Search tools’ from the menu bar in the Images tab of Google and you will see a menu for ‘Usage rights’, there you can find free images without breaking any copyright laws.


What should be my image size?

There are 3 things to consider when it comes to image size:

  1. dimension: 300 x 400px
  2. resolution: the number of pixels packed into a set space
  3. file size: measured in KB and MB

How can I minimize the image size?

By this step, you have found the image you want to use and edited it to the correct size. Still, if the image size is big? then the panda is here – TinyPNG.

What to do now?


Finally, your images are here that you want to use, resolved all copyright formalities, re-sized them correctly, and optimized them for the web, Now what?

In a WordPress blog, you will need to import your images into your library. Now select Media and Add New and use them everywhere on your website.

For more details or guidance please contact us or drop your valuable comment.