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Buy Sound Mixer in Pakistan

You can now balance, mix and combine varying audio signals with the help of a sound mixer. You can combine sounds from multiple musical instruments, microphones, synthesizers, and already recorded videos. Improve your music quality by ten folds with a quality audio mixing system.

Enjoy better amplification and faster audio transmission with high-end sound mixer brands in our collection. You can combine your audio signal efficiently to produce great quality videos, movies, and other types of audio-containing content. It is of high convenience when used in sound reproduction and recording systems. You can also use it for sound reinforcement systems for better audio output.

It has various ports for the connection of different systems. You can connect electric or electronic instrument signals, microphones, or recorded sounds to control and manipulate an analog or digital signal. The leading manufacturer of audio mixers is Behringer, which offers thorough audio fidelity and high-end features. You can now browse Behringer sound mixer prices in Pakistan from our sound instrumentation category.

Enjoy A Number Of Applications:

Sound mixers help musicians and filmmakers produce excellent quality sound effects by eliminating all background disturbance and interference.

  • Studios use them to combine varying instruments into a stereo mix and other monitoring mixes.
  • Television studios combine audio from tape machines and microphones to create a comprehensible audio product.
  • Brands use it for field shoots, as an audio mixer offers easier recording by combining more than one microphone into 2 to 4 channels.

Allows Multiple Channel Mixing:

Mixers are identified by how many channels they can combine. A 12-input channel mixer contains 12 input channels. You can plug in different amounts of input sources, depending upon the compatibility of your audio mixer. The more channels they have, the higher flexibility they will attain. You can now enjoy multiple-channel mixing with an affordable audio mixer in Pakistan. Explore our category to find your perfect match!

Advanced Features:

  • Mute button available near the fader
  • Some also come with a pad offering a sound range of -10 to 20 dB for loud sound sources, like an electric guitar or snare drums
  • Level adjustment with grain/trim pot
  • Polarity reversal for the elimination of phase problems (common when two mics are used on a single source).

Pick an audio mixer today for improved sound quality, and flawless sound delivery. Check your collection to find multiple features in Audio Mixers. Here, you can also browse Apple MacBook price in Pakistan or obtain quality sound manipulation tools.

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