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Aputure 672 LED set HR672KIT-SSC

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Aputure 672 LED Set HR672KIT-SSC Price & Specs2x HR672 Daylight Spots
1x HR672 Bi-Color Flood
9.37 x 7.48 x 1.26″ Panels
6x NP-F970 Batteries and Chargers
3x Wireless Remote Controls
3x 5/8″ Stand Adaptors with Spigots
3x Multi-Voltage Power Supplies
Diffusion and Conversion Filters
Full 0-100% Dimming
DESCRIPTION:With the Amaran 3-Point 2-Daylight Spot, 1-Bi-Color Flood Daylight HR672 3-Light Kit, Aputure has brought together a versatile trio of lights for location or studio work. Each light comes with a wireless remote control for central command of the lights, especially those situated in hard to reach places. Each also includes a multi-voltage AC adapter, 2 Sony-type batteries and chargers, a tilting stand adapter with 5/8″ spigot and both a diffusion and an orange tungsten conversion filter. It all fits in the provided kit case.The Amaran HR672 Daylight 25° Spot and Flood 75° LED panels use 672 95+ CRI-rated LEDs to render colors with optimal precision and accuracy. The lights’ 5500K color temperature means that you can easily match them with other daylight sources like HMIs and cool white fluorescents, as well balance the unit with ambient daylight conditions. An orange conversion (3200-5500K) filter is supplied to match tungsten lights or for creative late day lighting effects.Among the HR672’s advanced features is wireless control of the light’s functions and light intensity from up to 328′ away thanks to 2.4 GHz FSK technology. This is an especially valuable tool for adjusting lights hung overhead or on large sets or locations. It’s also great for solo shooters and multi-light setups. The included remote control has 4 discrete channels to defeat interference and 3 groups for multiple setups. The HR672 also features a stepless rear dimming dial for adjusting light output from 0 to 100%. The light panels can be powered by the included multi-voltage AC adapters or the included NP-F970 batteries using the dual rear battery slots. Four LED indicator lights on the back of the unit display the remaining battery life. The 9.37 x 7.48″ panels are only 1.26″ thick and generate little heat, allowing them to squeeze into places where other lights, especially incandescents, just can’t go.The HR672C Bi-Color LED Flood Light has the same physical specs as the daylight versions of the light along with high output and a 95+ CRI rating. The big difference however, is the light’s ability be adjusted from 3200K tungsten balance to 5500K daylight balance or anywhere in between, with a simple twist of a knob instead of using filters. Like the other lights, the Amaran HR672C ships a multi-voltage AC adapter, 5/8″ tilting mount for stand mounting, a 5/8″ spigot with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads and a diffusion filter to soften the light’s output.

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