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Aputure Amaran HN100 Halo LED Ring Flash

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Aputure Amaran HN100 Halo LED Ring Flash Price & SpecsGuide Number: 49′ at ISO 100
Illumination: 1020 lux at 1.6′
Coverage: 45° Vertical & Horizontal
100 LEDs with CRI >95
Full, Left, & Right Flash Modes
3 Stops of Stepless Exposure Adjustment
AF Assist with Half-Press of Shutter
Max Sync Speed: 1/200 Second
Runs on 4 AA Batteries
Eight Adapter Rings from 49-72mm
DESCRIPTION:Well-suited to macro and close-up photography, the AHL-HN100 Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash from Aputure is designed for Nikon cameras and will provide a soft, yet powerful light for illuminating your subjects. It features a guide number of 49′ at ISO 100 as well as coverage of 45°, which allows photographers to use 50mm and greater focal lengths. Also, the 100 LEDs have a CRI of >95 for accurate color reproduction along with illumination of 1020 lux at 1.6′ during constant on mode, making it useful for video as well as stills.The unit can be customized to output light in full, left, or right modes. This allows you to dial in the exact look and effect you need for your shot and it can be mounted to either the lens or the control unit. There is also a brightness dial on the unit with 3 stops of stepless adjustment. And, an AF assist light is available with the half-press of the shutter button. The flash will sync with shutter speeds up to 1/200 second. Additionally, it comes with eight adapter rings: 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, & 77mm.

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