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Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w V-Mount

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Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w V-Mount Price & SpecsDaylight-Balanced: 5500K
264 Individual SMD LEDs
Beam Angle: 120°
CRI: 98
Wireless Controller Box
Remote Dimming, DMX Control
Supports AC or Battery Power
Slim Profile Measures 1″-Thick
Aluminum Alloy Housing, Manual Yoke
Includes 10 Sheets of Diffusion Paper
DESCRIPTION:Featuring a slim, 1″-thick profile, the Light Storm LS 1/2w from Aputure is a compact LED fixture that includes a dedicated controller box, which accepts Sony V type batteries for convenient, portable power. While sleek in size, the LS 1/2w is characterized by an impressive CRI of 98, along with a 120° beam angle and daylight-balanced 5500K color temperature. Aside from affording convenient battery power to the LED, the included controller box also enables wireless dimming control using the included remote, and four groups and three channels can be employed for quickly switching between different looks.The Light Storm LS 1/2w also features durable aluminum alloy housing along with the incorporation of 264 unique SMD LEDs to offer a greater effective lifespan with maintained color quality. A manual yoke provides versatile positioning and the light control separation design, afforded by the controller box, also maintains a low center of gravity for easier placement of the fixture and easier switching of batteries during use. Additionally, ten sheets of diffusion paper are included for producing a softer, more diffuse quality of light.FeaturesThe light’s design incorporates 264 individual SMD LEDs, which enable a longer lifespan, lower brightness decay, a broad beam angle of 120°, and a high CRI of 98.
Daylight-balanced 5500K color temperature.
Included controller box features a Sony V battery plate for convenient, portable power. An AC/DC cable is also included for AC power.
The controller box, which features two 90° antennas, also permits wireless dimming control using the included 2.4 GHz remote. Four groups and three channels are also available.
DMX512 protocol is also supported for wireless control.
Aluminum alloy construction is both durable and sleek for use in a variety of conditions.
Manual yoke allows for variable positioning.
Ten sheets of acid-free, smooth surface diffusion paper is included to broaden the light quality, reduce the output to 85%, and provide an effective 180° beam angle.
A LEMO-style connector is used between the controller box and light fixture for convenient, one-handed installation and removal of the included connection cable.
Photometrics372 fc / 4000 lux at 1.6′ / 50cm102 fc / 1100 lux at 3.3′ / 1m

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