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Aputure Light Storm LS C120t LED Light V-Mount

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Aputure Light Storm LS C120t LED Light V-Mount Price & Specs3000K Color Temperature
Bowens Mount
18db Quiet Fan
Wired Remote Controller Box
Wireless Remote with 328′ Range
V-Mount Battery Plate
Built-In Handle
DESCRIPTION:The Light Storm LS C120t LED Light with V-Mount from Aputure is a chip-on-board (COB) design fixture with a 3000K color temperature. The result of this technology is extremely accurate color rendering of 97+ CRI and a 97+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) rating.The LS C120t can be seen but not heard: ideal for sound sensitive environments. The intelligent cooling system employs temperature sensitive fans to regulate the heat. There’s also an auto/force button that triggers maximum cooling. In any case, even at maximum power, the fan noise doesn’t exceed 18dB: basically the sound of a person breathing.The LS C120t’s performance is backed up by its design. The all-aluminum construction goes through over a hundred fabrication steps. The reflector and accessory mount is the widely used Bowens S-type, and the wired controller is also separated from the body of the light, making it lighter and reducing its size. There’s also an included wireless remote that allows you to control on/off and dimming functions from as far away as 328′. The LS C120t is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 110-240 VAC power supply. You can also use its onboard V-mount battery plate for external battery power when mains power is unavailable.Immaculate LightingThe LS C120t features a CRI 97+ with a 3000K color temperature. Additionally, its TLCI also has been measured at up to 97+. TLCI or Television Lighting Consistency Index is the accurate measurement of color fidelity of a light source for broadcast use; it shows how light source will render colors well in a film or photography context. Therefore, the LS C120t will display natural, pristine color in both photo and video applications.Auto/Force Model Powerful Temperature ControlThe LS C120t has a remarkably intelligent temperature control system. The fans rotation will be varied based on the ambient temperature. Furthermore, the fan will go to the maximum of speed when you press the auto/force mode. This complex fan system is convenient for both improving the dissipation efficiency and light lifespan.Amazingly QuietMost lights utilizing a fan system are too loud and not suitable for film or video production, however, the LS C120t with its built-in electric fan produces only 18dB noise like a person’s normal breathing. That means fan noise is negligible, even if your LS C120t runs at maximum output.Professional Bowens MountLS C120t uses a popular industry design of professional Bowens-S mount which is incredibly flexible when mounting to various accessories.Portable and LightweightPortable and lightweight are two characteristics many photographers and filmmakers can appreciate. The LS C120t has a weight of 3.5 lb.Separate Light Control OperationThe LS C120t has a separate light control. This allows people to control illumination on the controller box. You will no longer operate from the back of light panel, greatly reducing time spent adjusting the light.Ingenious DesignFeaturing an aircraft grade-aluminum body, the LS C120t is remarkably tough and durable. It undergoes more than 100 fabrication procedures such as extrusion, cutting, trim, sandblasting, laser engraving, etc. The delicate design and elaborate production makes the LS C120t fashionable and robust.Effective Battery Power SolutionThe LS C120t is able to meet your various shooting requirements with battery mount options. The V-mount battery plate can be used for location shooting.328′ Wireless Remote ControlUsing 2.4G FSK technologies, the LS C120t can power on or off or adjust brightness wirelessly, even 328′ away.Assisted HandgripThe LS C120t has the convenience of a handgrip that is very useful for adjusting the light’s direction.

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