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Aputure Wireless Array Trans Video Transmitter Set

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Aputure Wireless Array Trans Video Transmitter Set Price & SpecsUp to 262′ Line of Sight Transmission
Line of Sight Required
Includes One Transmitter & One Receiver
Supports Up to 1080p Video
Less than 1 ms Latency
Full-Sized HDMI Interface
Replaceable Battery and Coax Connector
Operates on 60 GHz Frequency Band
Integrated Cold Shoe Mounting Foot
DESCRIPTION:With a line of sight range of up to 262 feet and supporting 1080p video, the Array Trans Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set from Aputure is easy to pair and provides wireless video transmission from your camera to the paired receiver. The set includes a transmitter and receiver that feature less than 1 ms latency for a nearly delay-free transmission. Only line of sight transmission is supported.Each unit features a full-sized HDMI connector and accepts Sony NP-FM500H-type batteries internally for power. You can also power each unit via the coaxial connectors using the included D-Tap to coax cables. The system operates on the 60 GHz frequency band, and each unit integrates a cold shoe mounting foot with 1/4″-20 threaded mounting hole, providing you with many mounting options.Featuring up to 262′ of line of sight transmission range and HDMI connectors for easy connectivity.
Pairing is a simple process; a blinking indicator light lets you know that the transmitter and receiver are paired. Please note that you can only pair one transmitter to one receiver at a time.
Aputure recommends that the corresponding angles between the sloped edge of the transmitter and receiver remain less than 15° for optimal reception.
You can power each unit via an included Sony NP-FM500H-type battery, or by using the included D-Tap to coax power cables. Each unit supports 5 to 16.8 VDC.
Aputure notes that there will be dropout between transmitter and receiver at approximately 124.5′. However, the picture will automatically restore itself when the transmitter and receiver are no longer at that distance.

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