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Insta360 X4


Key Features
  • For Content Creators and Videographers
  • 8K30/5.7K60 360°Cinematic H.265 Video
  • 360° Post Reframing, Longer Runtime
  • Rugged Design, Removable Lens Guards
  • Gesture Control, Dual/Single Lens Modes
  • 5.7K120 Bullet Time, 11K Time-Lapse
  • FlowState Stabilization, Horizon Lock
  • 33′ Waterproof, 72MP Photos
  • App with Edit Suite and Effects
  • Invisible Selfie Stick Feature


Insta360 X4

The latest Product of Insta360, Insta360 X4 Price in Pakistan is Rs150,000.

Experience the next evolution of 360° video with the Insta360 X4, now available at Golden Camera. This powerhouse captures breathtaking 8K30 360° videos and offers a seamless blend of functionality and creativity, ensuring you never miss a moment of action. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or an adventure enthusiast, the Insta360 X4 is your gateway to cinematic excellence in a compact, action-ready design. The newly launched insta360 X4 price in pakistan is Rs150,000

Key features:

Stunning 8K30 Video Quality

Delve into the world of ultra-high-definition with the X4’s 8K30 video capability. With 78% more pixels than 5.7K, every frame is a visual treat, rich in detail and clarity. The efficient H.265 compression keeps files manageable, making editing in the Insta360 app or Studio a breeze.

Versatile Shooting Modes

The X4 doesn’t just shoot in 360°; it also features a 4K60 single-lens mode, transforming it into a wide-angle action camera. From the exhilarating 5.7K120 “Bullet Time” capture to the stunning 11K time-lapse, the X4 is equipped to handle diverse shooting demands. Plus, with features like the 72MP PureShot for stills and the innovative MegaView FOV, your content stays sharp, vibrant, and less distorted.

Designed for the Elements Fear no water or rough conditions with the X4’s robust and waterproof design. Dive up to 33 feet deep without a case, and rely on the new removable lens guards for extra protection against scratches and impacts.

Enhanced Battery Life Keep shooting longer with the upgraded 2290mAh battery offering extended recording times — up to 135 minutes at 5.7K30 or 71 minutes at the more demanding 8K30.

Seamless Editing and Connectivity Editing is a snap with the mobile Insta360 App. Reframe your 360° footage effortlessly using intuitive tools like the virtual joystick or Deep Track 3.0. With the improved Wi-Fi speed, transferring your epic shots to your device is faster than ever, supporting up to a 1TB UHS-I V30 microSD card for ample storage.

Next-Level Stabilization Capture smooth, stable footage regardless of the terrain with the X4’s FlowState stabilization. The 360° Horizon Lock ensures your videos maintain a consistent and level horizon, providing a polished, professional look.

Interactive Features Activate recording or snap a photo with AI gesture control – perfect for when you’re in noisy environments or you need to keep it quiet. Plus, the invisible selfie stick feature offers unique angles and perspectives without the need for a second operator.

Redefine your visual storytelling with the Insta360 X4. Perfect for both seasoned professionals and casual creators, the X4 combines high-resolution, versatility, and ruggedness in one compact package. Explore endless possibilities and capture your world like never before. Visit us online or in-store to experience the revolutionary Insta360 X4.


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