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RED RANGER with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor (V-Mount)

Key Features
  • RANGER BRAIN with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor
  • PL Lens Mount with Shim Set
  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • REDCODE Recording up to 5120 x 3000p60
  • Production Top Handle
  • 24 VAC Adapter with 24V XLR Power Cable
  • Hex and Torx Tools
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RED RANGER price in Pakistan

Configured for rigorous studio use, the versatile PL-mount RED RANGER with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor is a 5K solution from RED DIGITAL CINEMA for rental house and high-end production use, as well as for individual users. Built around the GEMINI 5K S35 15.4MP CMOS sensor, this kit features a shimmed PL mount, a V-mount battery plate, integrated I/O ports including 12 and 24V output, additional SDI and AUX power outputs, built-in 5-pin XLR audio input, and improved fan and thermal performance.

The GEMINI 5K S35 offers a wide dynamic range of 16.5+ stops and improved image quality with exceptional shadow detail. Use full-frame lenses to capture cinematic images at rates up to 75 fps in 5120 x 3000 5K, 120 fps in the 2.4:1 5K aspect ratio, 120 fps in 4K full format, and up to 300 fps in 2K 2:4:1 aspect ratio.

Record full-frame video in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and ProRes or DNxHR/HD simultaneously, or capture minutely detailed 15.4MP still images. With greater resolution than 4K capture and over 17x more than HD, the GEMINI 5K S35 provides the detail that enables cropping, re-centering, and additional tweaking during post while maintaining vivid, crisp imagery. Data rates of up to 300 MB/s can be reached when using 480 or 960GB MINI-MAGs, or up to 225 MB/s with 120 or 240GB MINI-MAGs (available separately).

In addition to the PL-mount RED RANGER BRAIN, this kit includes a BRAIN case, the Production Top Handle, a 24 VAC adapter and power cable, and compatible hex and Torx tools.

Key Features

  • 15.4MP, 30.72 x 18.0mm full-frame CMOS sensor for up to 5K-resolution images
  • 16.5-stop dynamic range, with improved image quality and greater shadow detail
  • Multiple capture rates including up to 60 fps 5K, 120 fps in 4K, and 240 fps in 2K full format
  • Versatile workflow options with REDCODE RAW, ProRes, and DNx recording
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Up to 300 MB/s data rates with separately available 480 or 960GB, or 225 MB/s with 120 or 240GB MINI-MAGs
  • Integrated 5-pin XLR audio input

Kit Items

  • PL lens mount with shims
  • Production top handle
  • V-mount battery plate
  • 24 VAC adapter with cable
  • Hex and Torx tools
  • BRAIN case


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