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Roland R-88 8-Channel Recorder and Mixer

8 Track Recording + Stereo Reference Mix

Up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM Recording

8 XLR In, 8 XLR Out, AES/EBU I/O

8 Channel Mixer with 3-band Equalizer

MS Microphone Decoder

Built-in USB Audio Interface

Touch Panel Display

SMPTE Timecode In/Out for Video Sync

Can Be Operated Using Four Power Types

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Roland R 88 in Pakistan
The Roland R 88 8-Channel Recorder and Mixer by Roland is an 8-channel field recorder that is designed for recording and mixing in professional field audio applications. In addition, it also provides USB audio interfacing for use with DAW software.
Roland R 88 Ideal for field recordings that require multiple microphones, the R-88 provides simultaneous recording of 8 channels at a maximum sample rate of 96kHz and will record 4 channels simultaneously at a sample rate of 192kHz. It also conveniently renders a summed stereo reference mix as it records. The R-88 is capable of up to three hours of non-stop, recording at 24-bit/96kHz using a 32GB SDHC card, and up to ten hours at 16-bit/44.1kHz. It provides 8 standard XLR mic inputs plus 2 digital inputs using the AES/EBU connection. Each analog input is equipped with 48V phantom power. The Roland R 88 recorder also boasts 8 analog XLR outputs for connecting to other audio gear, such as an analog mixing console for instance. Digital output of the stereo bus is available via the AES/EBU output, and analog via the 3.5mm mini jack output. Furthermore, there is a built-in slate mic for recording quick memos located on the R-88’s front panel.
For slaving to video cameras or VTRs, the R-88 Roland R-88 be run in slave mode and will accept SMPTE time code via the SMPTE in BNC connector. In addition, the R-88 can be the master, sending out time code to slave devices via the SMPTE out BNC connector. The R-88 also acts as an 8 channel mixer for doing on-board mixes and is equipped with 3-band EQ on each channel. It also has a USB port that enables it to function as an audio interface for recording using a computer running DAW software. In addition to having this USB port, there is an additional USB memory port for quickly copying files to a USB flash drive.
Simultaneous recording of 8 channels + stereo mix (up to 96kHz)

Up to 24-bit/192kHz uncompressed linear PCM recording (up to 4 channels)

3 hours of recording using 32GB SDHC card (24-bit/96kHz)

8 XLR inputs, 8 XLR outputs, AES/EBU input/output

Built-in 8 channel mixer with 3-band equalizer and Mid-Side microphone decoder

Can act as USB audio interface in conjunction with DAW software

Touch Panel Display for intuitive navigation

SMPTE timecode In/Out for video sync

Built in slate mic for recording quick memos

Four different types of power – Alkaline battery (AA), Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA), AC Adapter, External battery (4-pin XLR 9 to 16 V)

Mixer includes input limiter, low cut, stereo channel link