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Best Camera for Product Photography
product photography

Best Camera for Product Photography

Product photography is a profitable, exciting, and needed niche. The right tools will help you to capture those beautiful images for sale. So today, we will take you to the best cameras you can buy for product photos.

10 Best Product Image Cameras

Product photographers are the world’s leading photographers. In addition to their skills and experience, they also use expensive equipment to get the best results.

Some cameras used by product photographers can exceed 40,000USD. Now, that is beyond budget even for the most enthusiastic activist.
We have included the best options for beginners, professionals, and professionals in this list. That way, you can choose the perfect camera regardless of your level of ability or your budget.

Sony a6400

• 24MP
• APS-C sensor
• Sony e mount

The Sony a6400 may be out of the budget for beginners, but if you want a small, easy-to-use camera, look no further.

Of course, its 24 megapixels give you more than enough quality image quality. However, its actual power is limited but compatible with the Sony E lens range.

Product photo of Sony a6400 body, camera for product photography

Panasonic Lumix FZ80K

• 18MP
• 4K video
• Long-distance zoom camera and capture

The Lumix FZ80K incorporates a variety of capabilities that can contribute to the capture of excellent product images. First, it has a lens the size of 20-1200mm. So, this camera can cover everything, whether you take a wide-angle or zoom the picture.

The camera also has a Post Focus feature, so you can set the focus area after taking a picture! It comes in handy for product photography, especially for food photography. Your camera should be on a tripod, and it will be easy to install this feature in your photoshoot.

Product shot of Panasonice Lumix FZ80K, one of the best cameras for product photography

Nikon D850

• 45MP
• 153 focus points
• Snap bridge connection

The Nikon D850 is not cheap. But if you can afford it, you know it costs more than you can afford.

The main reason for being the best investment is the image quality. It has one of the lowest examples of ISO audio when it comes to all the DSLR options we have listed.

Product image of Nikon D850 camera for product photography

Sony Alpha 7R IV

• 61MP
• Fast and comprehensive autofocus (AF)• 5 axis stability

Many photographers have changed when Sony releases special cameraless mirrors for professionals. Why? Because glassless options are small, they tend to pack more features than a standard DSLR.

Product photo of Sony Alpha 7R IV mirrorless camera body for product photography

A lot has changed since Sony introduced its technology line. And Alpha 7R IV is the culmination of all those years of research and development.

What makes the Alpha 7R IV different is that it features a 61MP back-side illuminated (BSI) -CMOS sensor. That low light feature blows the Canons EOS 5DS and Nikon D850 into the water.

What camera features do you need to take product photos?

1. Manual mode

Every camera has a default mode. But professional photographers do not use it often because it can sometimes be unreliable.
Automatic cameras are not the same as the human eye. No matter how advanced they may be, they still make mistakes.
That is why photographers prefer to have complete control over all aspects of photography. And the manual mode allows them to do just that.

What if you have never tried manual mode before? It is not that difficult to read. Check out this quick guide in manual mode, and you will see.

Essential Camera Settings

When you create a product image, the default camera settings will not always be accurate. So it is still best if your device allows you to select ISO, shutter speed, and input combination.

That way, you always get the right exposure. In addition, your camera should allow you to adjust the white balance to capture precise colors.

Highly Corrected Sensors

When you get into product photography, check the megapixel number of your camera. If the megapixel number is large, the file is large and the print quality will be high.

The better adjustment you have, the better the ability to capture the details. After processing, the level of accuracy you get from high-resolution cameras allows you to adjust your editing even better.


Don’t think too much about the best camera for your product when you start. It should be fine if you have an old 12MP DSLR or a mirrorless camera.

Don’t invest in expensive cameras, especially if you don’t have the information yet. It is challenging to take advantage of all its features if you do not know how to use them properly.

So take your time and learn. And as you grow your income, you can buy better equipment that fits right in the middle of the road.
Remember that even the most experienced product photographer has gone through the same experience. So be patient, because you will also get there in the end.

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