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Canon and Nikon Raise Prices in Response to Supply Chain Problems
canon and nikon prices

Canon and Nikon Raise Prices in Response to Supply Chain Problems

The camera industry faced a major crisis at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, but it began to recover just as the global supply chain collapsed. Very few want to discuss the issue openly, but the industry is currently in a difficult state.

Major manufacturers across the industry that need microchips to run devices are clearly aware that there is a problem even if they choose not to. Apple, Audi, and Sony have recently announced or are rumored to be in the midst of major product shortages or delays due to chip shortages. Fujifilm has informed PetaPixel that it is delaying the XF23mm f / 1.4 R LM WR lens, scheduled for November, until February next year. Fujifilm’s GFX 100S, Canon’s R5, Sony’s Alpha 1, and countless new lenses all announced this year at the backorder, no real arrival expectations are available.

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Eleven lenses in Canon – a combination of RF-mount models and popular EF-mount models – have met with rising US prices, according to Canon Rumors. Approximate increase of $ 200 (see Canon RF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM and EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM), although Canon EF 200-400mm f / 4L IS USM increased by $ 1000 (less surprisingly , perhaps, considering the original price tag ($ 10,000 +).

And while Nikon USA has not announced any price increase, the Nikon branch of Northern Europe plans to increase prices for “every imaging camera and lens” except for the Nikon Z9.

Canon and nikon

In a letter sent to Nikon Rumors, the company explains that “following a period of great disruption to the global supply chain, [they] have a steady increase in the cost of parts and commodity costs to keep production on these lines going forward, sadly they have to raise prices. ”

Supply chain problems have plagued camera manufacturers for months, so these overhead costs, while frustrating, should not be surprising. Currently, the increase is limited to some areas – but it may be a matter of time before it becomes global.

Fortunately, Nikon’s price hike will not start until the 21st of February, so you have time to place an order before the change. The release is complicated, however, and you can still stick to new prices.

About Canon: Although pedestrian is already active, a number of targeted lenses are still available at their old prices. A quick look at Amazon reveals that (at the time of writing), Canon RF 70-200mm f / 4L IS USM is still available for its price of $ 1599 and EF 16-35mm f / 4L IS USM is $ 1099, at least a few hours longer.

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