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Great Tips for Using Color in Photography
Using color in photography

Great Tips for Using Color in Photography

Color in photos combines art, science, and culture with your own style. It can make or break an incident. Color can tell stories and create a climate.

In film and digital photography, color is one of the main tools we use to create fun and engaging images. But it’s not just about filling your photos with bright colors. There is more to it than that.

Learn the Basics of Color Wheel

When it comes to color theory, the color wheel is a natural start. Studying the color wheel will help you to understand different color schemes and color schemes.

It will allow you to make sensible choices in your color photos. You can create images in harmonious and balanced colors. Or you can break the rules in order to create discord and inequality.

color wheel

Check out Cool and Warm Colors

Another aspect of color perception in photography is the theory of cool colors and warm colors.

There is little controversy about where cool colors end and warm colors begin. But more often, we say green, blue, or magenta cool colors, while yellow, orange, and red are warmer colors.

The difference between warm and cool colors is even clearer when the two colors are farther apart from the color wheel. It means warm and cool colors are usually complementary. When they are close together, the warm tone is much harder to detect.

Stimulate Feelings Through Color

Color can have a profound effect on our mood. Using color to touch the mood can add energy and meaning to your photos.

The dreaded, abandoned hospital will seem less convenient if it is filled with warm, yellow sunlight in a golden hour. The cool blue and white tones in the photo below help create a sense of tension and tension.

Below are seven colors with their meanings and related emotions. These organizations help us to use color in pictures to tell a story through observation.

Red – power, joy, love, anger.
Orange – warmth, joy, enthusiasm.
Yellow – happiness, friendship, creativity.
Green – calmness, nature, balance, growth.
Blue – calm, cold, sad, trust.
Purple – spirituality, mystery, luxury.
Magenta – new invention, modification, inconsistency.
Do It All About Color

The whole theory is good and beautiful but the best way to learn color in pictures is to use it.

Next time you go out with your camera, look for your favorite color. Create your own photos next to it. A few years ago, oranges were always in my pictures.

I mention this in the ‘building orange’ around me as my city rebuilt after the earthquake. Although not my favorite color, rich oranges have become a staple in my photos.

Experiment with tones and shades

Color in photos is not limited to bright colors or bright colors. You can also play with shapes and tones to make your photo more fun.

Consider using a monochromatic color scheme that focuses on different tones and shades of the same hue.

You can play with natural green and brown tones in forest areas. Or a picture of the sea on a cloudy day will give you different shades of blue.

Shades in photgraphy

Improve Color Color in Back Production

There are many post-production tools that bring out the best in your colorful photos. Check HSL slides in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

Keep the picture story high in your mind. Just because you can change the color sweep does not mean that it should.

Temperature in photography

Use the Right Gear to Add Color

Are you sticking to a good spot with good color but not having your own photography equipment? Use your smartphone! This is a great way to get used to using color in photos. The best camera is the one you have for you.

The polarizing filter is good for increasing the vibration of colored images. Reduce glare and reduce the need for editing. If you like landscape photography, this is a great filter to invest in.


The color in the pictures may seem like a theory and is scientific at first. But once you understand a few principles, understanding the color in pictures can become natural.

Deliberately do it when coloring your photos. Put a lot of thought into the color as you make it or the frame. Experiment with different color schemes to create smiles and check the tone and shade.

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