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How to check shutter count on canon?
Cannon Eos 1500D

How to check shutter count on canon?

How to check shutter count on canon?

Canon cameras are one of the most popular brands in the world. It is important to know how to take care of your camera so that it will last for a long time. To get an idea about the health of your canon, you can check the shutter count on your camera. This article will teach you what shutter counts mean and how to find them!

How to check shutter count on canon?

To check the shutter count on your camera, you need to get a photo off of it. If your image has this data in its EXIF information.

Then there’s an online tool that will tell you how many times the images have been shot with that same device for free,However if not, you’ll need to use different tools depending on what brand and model of camera is used instead. 

Here’s how to check your Canon camera’s shutter count

Canon makes tracking the shutter count on your camera. A bit more difficult than other brands. The shutter counter is not stored in image files.

Special programming or bringing it to an authorized Canon repair shop are our only options for digging up this information.

There are a couple of free programs that Canon users can download to find out how many pictures they have taken with their camera.

They both connect the user’s computer and camera using a cable, run for Windows or Mac OS X respectively, and provide an accurate number on how many photos snapped.

Magic Lantern is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds dozens of features to Canon cameras. One feature lets you control your camera via USB remote, letting you take pictures without touching it!

One of its features include access to the shutter actuation number. Installing third party software on your camera has risks and in some cases. It may void warranty so keep that in mind while installing such programs on cameras.


Shutter Count Checked on Camera 

Nikon stores shutter count details in camera data. Which is a breath of fresh air in the shutter count department.

You can’t normally view a specific Nikon EXIF date via a computer, but through online freeware you can quickly find your Nikon’s exact number without needing to plug it into your device!

You can do so by using Nikon EXIF Viewer 

It’s a free tool that lets you edit, export and print data stored in your photos. One of the cool features is its ability to show shutter actuations on images, giving you an accurate number along with pictures’ shooting time. It also helps determine if there are any issues with your camera’s shutter.

And that is how you can check the shutter count on cameras! It might be a bit time consuming if you’re trying to find out what number it currently sits at, but for peace of mind I believe it may just be worth taking the extra five minutes or so.

Nikon cameras

Nikon cameras are easy to use and have a number of features that help you take your photography skills up a notch.

In addition, they produce high quality images time after time even if you switch from one model to another. But how do you find out what shutter count your camera has if it’s not stored in the image itself?

The good news is that this information can be found right on the memory card. The file name of each photo will include a number, which tells you. How many times your device was used to take pictures before capturing an image. It may sound complicated at first. But you can easily find the shutter count on your camera by following these steps.

First: Insert the memory card into your computer (or mobile device if that’s what you’re using).

Most cameras don’t let users see this information without plugging in via USB cable or taking out the SD/CF card to use it in a card reader.

Second, open up the file manager and find out where your camera’s memory is stored (for example: Computer > Nikon SD)

Third, look for a folder named “DCIM” within that location. This will be full of all the images you’ve taken with your camera so far!

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