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Nikon Announces Z 28mm f / 2.8: Small, Simple, and Inexpensive

Nikon Announces Z 28mm f / 2.8: Small, Simple, and Inexpensive

The Nikon Z 28mm f / 2.8, the most compact, lightweight Nikon Z-mount lens to date, has been released – and for just $ 299, it promises an outstanding price tag.

28mm f / 2.8 may be aimed at regular shooters, but do not let that deceive you. In addition to the surprisingly low price (comparable between Z-lenses with 40mm f / 2) and incomparable portability, it packs a set of high-quality features that will satisfy aspiring photographers and videographers alike.

Photo of Nikon 28mm lens
With 28mm lens, you can shoot a little bit of everything. In a full-frame body, you will be placed in the right place to take nature photos, road photos, beautiful travel photos, photos of fun events, and more. And in the body of the optic nerve, the lens will stand just a short distance from the normal “fifty-five” focus, ready for long-distance photography, street photography, motion pictures, and photography.
A high f / 2.8 hole will make high-quality shots for low light, especially when combined with Nikon’s body image stabilization technology. Expect to take sharp photos of a house event (e.g., photos of your kids on the birthday beach), as well as nighttime photos and even evening nature.

Photo shot with Nikkor 28mm lens
Key Features of Nikkor Z 28mm f / 2.8

Nikkor Z main lens is the lightest and smallest so far, with a length of about 43mm and a weight of about 5.46 oz (155g).
• The high f / 2.8 aperture allows for shallow depth of “field with a pleasing bokeh and special low-light ability,” according to Nikon, even during hand-shooting.
• DX-format camera, such as the Nikon Z FC or Z 50, is mounted the focal length is 42mm natural (equivalent to 35mm format [135]).
• A minimum concentration distance of about 0.63 ft (0.19m) allows users to get closer to their studies.
• A multi-component system adoption understands the natural environment throughout the shooting range, as well as fast and accurate AF controls while maintaining a slim body size.
• Designed for dust processing and non-dripping operation.
• Operations such as hole and exposure compensation can be provided with a control ring.
• Improved by considering video recording “with very quiet performance, effective compensation for deep breathing, and stable exposure,” according to Nikon.
• The lens differs greatly from the Nikkor Z 28mm f / 2.8 SE lens that was previously announced with a modern black color scheme.

So if you are looking for a small, light lens that you can take everywhere – with an invincible value – check 28mm f / 2.8. It is currently available for pre-order, and I highly recommend you hold it while it is still available!

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