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Nikon D3500 For Travel Photography? Great Choice or Not?
Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 For Travel Photography? Great Choice or Not?

It is amazing to discover how good is this beginners camera along the journey of self-teaching. Comes with Adobe Lightroom and produces many photos that will make you proud.

One doesn’t need to be a photographer to know a great photo when you see one. And you necessarily don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a great picture, you just need the Nikon D3500. It is as easy to use as a point-and-shoot, but it takes amazing DSLR photos and videos that stand unique. It feels balanced in your hands, sturdy and outstanding with controls where you need them. It’s compact, versatile, durable and, ideal for travel. And it works flawlessly with compatible smart phones, making it easier to share your great photos. Even if you have never used a DSLR camera, you still can take beautiful pictures with Nikon D3500.

Things You Should Know About Nikon D3500

Let’s talk about its amazing features now.

It’s a DX-format DSLR

Due to the compromising field of view, DX-format cameras are comparatively cheaper, compatible and lighter. Same goes for their lens, which is also cheaper and lighter than FX-format lenses.

That explains why beginner DSLR cameras has mostly DX-format. They are cheaper than FX-format DSLR cameras and it is better to test the water before keeping your whole foot into the pool of photography.

The Kit Lens

kit lens is a lens that comes along with the camera at the time of purchase. For Nikon D3500 18mm has wider angle compared to 55mm. That means you can zoom in from 18mm to 55mm. Keeping in view that the camera still delivers great photo quality no matter how much we zoom in with your lens (not digitally), unlike, most smart phones in the market.

VR stands for Vibration Reduction

VR is also known as Image Stabilization for Canon though, both are same. As the name suggests, it minimizes the vibrations caused while taking the photo like your shaky hands.

Videos at the touch of a button

Recording beautiful video with the Nikon D3500 is as easy as taking photos. Just change the Live View lever and press the recording button. You will be capturing awesome 1080/60p Full HD video effortlessly and instantly. Use your lens’ zoom capability to shoot wide angle videos or tight close-ups.

Superb NIKKOR lenses; the eyes of the D3500

Every Nikon DSLR lens offers new perspectives. Discover inspiring world with an extreme close-up macro lens. Give your backgrounds a charming out of focus effect with a fast prime lens. Zoom lens  will capture the whole scene with an ultra-wide-angle.

The day tripper

Small enough to be discrete, durable enough to withstand rough conditions; the camera is also available with two outstanding travel lenses, you will never want to leave home without your Nikon D3500.



Great For Portraits

 If you take a lot of portraits during your travel, I would say a Nikon D3500 is your thing to carry. Switching to a better lens with a wider aperture would be a great option.

Sharp Images with Kit Lens

Images captured using kit lens are usually better than expectations. Nikon did a great job when it comes to this.

The Cheap Price Tag

Nikon D3500 is the perfect entry-level DSLR for all the beginners. Comparing the similar entry-level DSLR cameras between Nikon and Canon, the price sounds more appealing for Nikon D3500 (check our website).

Quick Auto Focus for Kit Lens

Nikon did an amazing job for the kit lens. The speed of the autofocus is quick, smooth and accurate. Unlike the F1.8 Nikon lens that I bought, which took a little longer to focus and a little noisier.

Long Battery Life

Nikon D3300 is capable of capturing 700 shots spanning multiple hours. I once went camping without my charger for 3 days. By the time I got home, I had 2/3 battery life left despite taking hundreds of photos. Impressive, huh? And something more impressive, Nikon D3500 captures 1550 shots in one-go!

Small and Light

Travel is all about packing like a minimalist for some. In that case, Nikon D3500 did a great job because it’s probably one of the smallest DSLR cameras out there.



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