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Panasonic S Series Firmware Update
Panasonic s series

Panasonic S Series Firmware Update

Panasonic is proud to announce the release of firmware updates for the LUMIX S Series full-frame mirrorless cameras DC-S1H (Ver.2.4), DC-S1 (Ver.2.0), DC-S1R (Ver.1.8), DC-S5 (Ver.2.2) to further enhance their functions, performance, and usability. Firmware updates are a key value-added service provided for LUMIX cameras and Panasonic will continue to improve our cameras and offer updates for our valued customers.

ModelFirmware VersionRelease Date
DC-S1HVer.2.4 March 31, 2021
DC-S1Ver. 2.0April 6, 2021
DC-S1RVer.1.8April 6, 2021
DC-S5Ver.2.2April 6, 2021

Lumix DC-S1H, which adds numerous raw recording functions and video assist features:

  1. Adds the Blackmagic RAW format, for use with the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G HDR monitor via HDMI, and enables full-frame 5.9K, Super 35 DCI 4K, and Super 35 3.5K Anamorphic raw recording
  2. Supports V-Log or Rec.709 gamma on a live monitor when outputting raw video
  3. Supports zebra when outputting raw video
  4. Adds video assist functions such as waveform, vectorscope, and luminance meters
  5. Allows the camera orientation setting to be moved to a different menu in case of accidental rotation
  6. Allows you to go into Power-Save mode when using an AC adapter

The rest of the firmware updates are released on April 6, 2021, including firmware version 2.0 for the Lumix DC-S1 that requires the DMW-SFU2 upgrade software key:

  1. Supports a number of resolutions recordable in MOV format, including 4K Anamorphic, UHD 4K, DCI 4K, and 6K
  2. Adds the ability to output ProRes RAW video up to 5.9K via HDMI
  3. Allows you to record raw video using a monitor such as the Atomos Ninja V
  4. Adds timecode

There are also firmware updates for the S1 available without the DMW-SFU2 upgrade software key that:

  1. Support Dual Native ISO settings
  2. Allow you to move the camera orientation menu position
  3. Allow you to go into power-save mode when using an AC adapter

And finally, firmware updates 1.8 for the Lumix S1R and version 2.2 for the Lumix S5 both add the ability to move the camera orientation menu position and the ability to go into power-save mode when using an AC adapter.

Be sure to grab the updates for your cameras as soon as you can to take advantage of raw recording and all the other enhancements from Panasonic.

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