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Photography Pricing Guide: How Much Should You Charge in 2022?

Photography Pricing Guide: How Much Should You Charge in 2022?

“How much should photographers charge?” That is a valid question. And a good answer would be $ 100-300 per hour or $ 75-350 per photo for professional photographers in the United States. But the price of photography is much more complicated than that.
First, it depends on the type of imagery you are discussing. Also, how much knowledge do you have, what are your expenses, and how much time do you spend? Let’s look at these and other questions!

Various Income for a Successful Photo Business

First, many people take pictures with cameras and smartphones. And there are a lot of services for professional photographers out there. Therefore, it is difficult for professional photographers to make a living.

Therefore, we must allocate our revenue sources. Personally, I have tried to push a few different doors to see which ones will open:

• photoshoots
• competitions
• Photography courses
• framed prints
• Stock photography websites
• books and articles (like this one!)
• conversations and podcasts
• membership salary
• Greeting cards
• wallpaper (for iPhone, iPads, and computers)
• equipment leasing

Pricing Model for Photographers

Price may vary from place to place and between different types of images. But the first task is to measure the level of the market and what your annual operating costs will be.

After that, you can divide your expenses by the number of weeks you intend to work. Then you can decide how much money you need to earn each week to make a profit.

If you are making a few assumptions about the amount and number of jobs you get for the price you have chosen, you have the start of a business plan. Let’s look at all of that in more detail.

A freelance photographers home studio space

How It Means Market Rate

A quick Google search for photographers in your area will yield more results.

Each type also has different image values, so it pays to be specific. For example, if you live in Los Angeles and photograph families, search for “Los Angeles family photographers.” Or, if you want to get into wedding photos, check out “local wedding photographers.”

Note that it can be a challenge to find photo prices online. Many professional photographers do not display their values ​​on their websites. In most cases, they do not want to keep everything secret in other businesses.

In general, the needs of their customers vary widely. It makes sense for them to budget their services according to the specific services people need.

The good news is that many photographers share their original values. That will let you know at least where to start your price.

Pie chart of example photography costs and pricing

How to Operate Costs Are Determined

Remember that setting your prices to match your competitors is not enough. You should also consider your operating costs, consistent and flexible. This should include everything you can think of:

• Cameras, lenses, and other equipment costs
• salaries (including yours!)
• Monthly rental of your photo studio (or home office if available)
• resources
• the Internet
• registration of software editing, your website, email hosting, etc.
• travel expenses
• advertising costs
• insurance
• debt repayment

In addition to your operating expenses, determine how many hours you spend on each job. Include client time before capturing.


As creators, we often find it challenging to call our talents. But as photo business owners, our values ​​should support our business and our health.

So, do your research. Find out if your image values ​​match the entire category. And don’t be satisfied with your prices. Always grow as your dignity grows. That way, you can develop a thriving photography business as an independent photographer.

It is also important to find a price model that is easy to understand. That means your clients need to know what to pay and what they get. Are you paying by the hour, day, or project? It helps to put things in perspective so that people will trust you — and avoid conflicts with angry customers!

Setting a price for photos may be intimidating. But as you gain experience, you begin to understand how it all works. So be patient. Everything will come easily as you learn more about your business and how many photographers.

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