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Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer

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Best Audio Mixer Prices In Pakistan

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Get the best price on audio mixers in Pakistan from Golden Camera for your studio.

Music producers, composers, singers, and enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine. These sound mixers let you balance, mix and combine as many audio signals as you want on your project by using the sound mixer. Combine sounds from multiple musical instruments, add vocals using microphones, tweak settings with synthesizers, or use them on recorded videos. Improve your music quality and make it 2x better by using these audio mixing systems. 

Multiple Channel Mixing For Everyone:

Most of the mixers come with many channels in them. The 12-input channel mixer will have 12-input channels. Users can plug in different amounts of input sources in these channels depending on the compatibility of the audio mixer. Moreover, the more channels they have, the higher flexibility they will attain. Customers who want to take their music production to a whole new level can get the best sound mixers in Pakistan from us.

Next-Level Features Of Audio/Sound Mixers:

With the audio/sound mixers, users will get a mute button available near the fader. There will be a pad that offers a good range of -10 to 20dB for customers who work on loud sound sources like electric guitars or snare drums. In addition, there’s a level adjustment button for grain/trim pot features. Users can utilize polarity reversal for the elimination of phase problems. It will make it convenient for them.

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