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4 in 1 Bulb Softbox Setup (Pair)


2x Four Bulb Holder Sockets

2x Softboxes with Diffuser

2x Lights Stands



Youtube Lighting Setup

If you are looking for an excellent Youtube lighting setup the 4 in 1 Bulb setup is one of the best starting points. This is a continuous lighting setup and would work in multiple scenarios, whether you are shooting videos or taking portraits. Good lighting can make a difference! The lights are easy to set up and even easier to operate.

The whole setup includes two E27 4 in 1 Bulb sockets, you can fix up to four bulbs in each socket depending on your lighting needs. You also get two light stands to fix the sockets on. These also help you keep the sockets in different positions depending on your needs. You also get two Softboxes with diffusers, this help to soften the light and make it gentle. This makes it an excellent indoor light setup. If you need lights for product photography these will suit you well.

Apart from products, these can be used as food video lights. If you are someone working in the food photography field these are a good investment to make. If you want to have all four lights but don’t want to use them all the time you can switch them off separately. The control panel has switches with indicators of what bulb is controlled by it. No need to remove the bulb every time. For safety, a 3A fuse is also given to protect from electric shocks. 

Some of the various other applications for these lights are portraits, for those of you who need to bring life to their subjects by adding lights these will work well. They are also cool lights for video making. If you are looking for a Youtube lighting setup in Pakistan these work as a good option. 


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