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AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G


The spirit of the Noct-Nikkor lens lives on in the AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f1.4G


The spirit of the Noct-Nikkor lens lives on in the AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f1.4G – the evolution of a legendary lens prized by the world’s top photographers. This precision-crafted aspherical lens delivers outstanding bokeh, supreme low-light performance and unprecedented clarity from edge to edge. Its wide maximum aperture of f/1.4 lets you take brighter shots with rich details. Light falloff, coma flares and lens aberration are minimised. It’s the ultimate lens for professional-quality portraits, landscapes, night scenery and star-filled skies. Phenomenally accurate rendering of point light sources The AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f1.4G excels at low-light photography, producing images that will impress the most demanding professionals. Its sophisticated design combined with a unique Nano Crystal Coat reduces ghosting and coma flares. Your night cityscapes will feature incredibly precise points of light and a level of clarity unmatched by other lenses. Setting new standards for smooth bokeh This superb lens produces images with beautiful depth and smooth bokeh. Its three-dimensional high fidelity lens improves contrast and resolution at the focal plane while achieving a gradual transition in bokeh. Halos around out-of-focus objects are eliminated for a more natural blur. With its manual focus ring, you can fine-tune the focus to achieve the desired degree of detail without overly sharpening your image. Outstanding sharpness at infinity The AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f1.4G delivers amazingly clear reproduction throughout the frame, including peripheral areas. This allows you to shoot gorgeous images at infinity even when using maximum aperture and faster shutter speeds. With its absolute precision and control, the AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f1.4G is perfect for highly detailed landscapes and architecture. Stunning details to the very edge The extraordinary craftsmanship of the lens takes full advantage of your camera’s resolution. With minimal lens aberration, minute details at the edge of frame are captured with unparalleled clarity so you never need to crop your images. This remarkable resolving power unleashes the full potential of high-performance DSLRs such as the D800. Reduced light falloff for brilliant shots at wide aperture Even at maximum aperture, light falloff at the edge of frame (also known as vignetting) is minimised. This ensures perfect exposure across the image – giving a brighter, more natural impression without the need for software lens correction. Type Type G AF-S lens with built-in CPU and F mount Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 9 elements in 6 groups (including 2 aspherical lens elements, and lens elements with a Nano Crystal Coat) Picture Angle with 35mm (135) format 40° 50′ Picture Angle with Nikon DX Format 27° 20′ Maximum aperture f/1.4 Minimum aperture f/16 Maximum reproduction ratio 0.13x Filter-attachment size 72mm Dimensions Approx. 85 mm maximum diameter x 70 mm (distance from camera lens mount flange) Weight Approx. 385 g (13.6 oz)


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