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Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Monitor Playback Device

Playback Aspect of Capture/Playback Card

Outputs Footage from Computer to Monitor

Enables Color Grading on Top-Res Monitor

SDI, HDMI, Thunderbolt / Embedded Audio

Supports Resolutions up to 1080i60

10-Bit Color Precision / 4:2:2 Sampling

Real Time Colorspace Conversion

Software Based Down Conversion

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Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Monitor Playback Device is a very interesting and a highly useful device that Blackmagic has put out there. It is the ?playback? aspect of any Blackmagic capture and playback device (and of any capture and playback device in general). Where a capture and playback device, such as the UltraStudio 3D or the Intensity Extreme, captures video from a camera, transfers it to a computer, and additionally lets you output the video to a display other than that of your computer?s, UltraStudio Mini Monitor only performs the last of these functions, also referred to as ?playback.?


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