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Cinegears Multi-Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit

Wireless Multi-Axis Wireless Controller

3 x Wireless Multi-Control Motors

Wireless/Wired Receiver

6 x Mounting Brackets

Motors Mount onto 15 or 19mm Rods

4 x Replacement Gears

3 x Gear Re-Locator

Waterproof Case with Foam Inserts

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The Multi-Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit from CINEGEARS allows you to set up a wireless lens control system on your camera equipped with a geared lens and either 15mm or 19mm support rods. It includes a wireless multi-axis hand controller, a wireless receiver, three multi-control motors, as well as mounting accessories and spare gears. The wireless hand controller does not have physical hard stops for lens control, but it does allow you to adjust the end points to program focus stops. The controller also incorporates a zoom control slider and iris adjustment.


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