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DJI Matrice 30T Enterprise Drone


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Key Features
  • Wide-Angle, Zoom & Thermal Cameras
  • Drone Battery is Required & Not Included
  • Up to 4K30 Video Resolution
  • 5-16x Optical & up to 200x Hybrid Zoom
  • DJI Care Enterprise Basic Coverage
  • FPV Camera & Laser Rangefinder
  • Water, Dust, Dirt & Cold/Heat Resistant
  • 6-Sided Obstacle Avoidance
  • Up to 9.3-Mile Transmission Range
  • RC Plus Remote Controller Included



DJI M30T: Your Ultimate Enterprise Drone Solution

At Golden Camera, we’re excited to introduce the DJI M30T Enterprise Drone, designed for commercial and first responder use in the most demanding environments. This rugged drone withstands water, dirt, dust, wind, and extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F. With built-in redundancies and backup systems for flight control and signal transmission, the Matrice 30T is a reliable partner for critical missions and projects.

DJI M30T Features

Versatile Camera Capabilities

The DJI M30T is equipped with a versatile camera suite:

  • 12MP Wide-Angle Camera: Capture expansive scenes with an 84° field of view.
  • 48MP Zoom Camera: Achieve close-ups with 5-16x optical zoom and up to 200x hybrid zoom.
  • Thermal Camera: Essential for search and rescue missions and detecting hazardous conditions during inspections.
  • Laser Rangefinder: Pinpoint objects from 10 feet to 0.75 miles away, providing exact coordinates.

High-Speed Performance

For creative projects, the Matrice 30T excels with a top speed of 52 mph and the ability to ascend up to 4.4 miles, capturing breathtaking 4K30 video. Whether it’s fast-paced action or majestic aerial footage, this drone delivers stunning results.

Enhanced Safety Features

DJI has equipped the Matrice 30T with comprehensive safety features:

  • Six-Sided Obstacle Avoidance: Dual-vision and ToF depth sensors prevent collisions from all directions.
  • ADS-B Receiver: Alerts you to nearby manned aircraft, enhancing situational awareness.

Stable and Long-Distance Control

OcuSync 3 Enterprise
With four built-in antennas, the OcuSync 3 Enterprise ensures stable control and triple-channel 1080p video transmission from up to 9.3 miles away. This robust communication system maintains control and provides seamless video feeds, crucial for commercial drone operations.

Specialized Image Modes

  • Night Flight: Optimized FPV camera for clear low-light filming.
  • Smart Low-Light Photo: Capture bright, clear stills at night, revealing more details in shadows.
  • Laser Rangefinder: Accurately measure distance and coordinates using integrated sensor fusion algorithms.

Durable RC Plus Remote Controller

The RC Plus remote controller matches the Matrice 30T’s durability with an IP54 rating for water and dust resistance. It supports dual control mode and features a 7″ widescreen display for viewing the drone’s 1080p stream and telemetry. With an internal and external battery configuration, you can pilot for up to six hours, with hot-swapping support for uninterrupted operation.

Portable and Ready for Action

The M30T’s foldable design makes it easy to store, transport, and deploy, ensuring you’re always ready for action.

Seamless Integration with DJI Software

DJI Pilot 2
This upgraded enterprise flight interface provides clear drone telemetry and navigational information, with intuitive controls and essential buttons within easy reach. It also includes a comprehensive preflight checklist for safety.

FlightHub 2
Stay connected with the cloud to share, interact, and update missions in real-time. Key features include:

  • 2.5D Base Map: For enhanced terrain awareness.
  • Panorama Sync: One-tap panoramic overviews.
  • Live Annotation: Highlight areas of interest and share with team members.
  • Route Planning and Management: Plan and synchronize routes and missions with Pilot 2.

Data Security and Developer Support

Your data is secure with AES encryption, local data mode, and the ability to clear all device data with one tap. The Matrice 30T also supports an open developer ecosystem:

  • Mobile SDK 5: For easier app development and control.
  • PSDK: Integrates onboard and payload SDKs for third-party payload development.
  • Cloud API: Connect to third-party cloud platforms directly for hardware access and live streaming.

Equip your operations with the DJI Matrice 30T from Golden Camera. This versatile, reliable, and powerful drone is designed to meet the highest standards in commercial and first responder applications.

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