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FEELWORLD HDMI Camera-Top Field LCD Monitor


Screen Size? 7? IPS LCD

Resolution? 1024?600 pixels

Aspect ratio? 16:9

Brightness? 600cd/m?

Contrast? 800:1

Backlight? LED



FEELWORLD FW7D/O 7? IPS Panel 600cd/m? Camera Top LCD Monitor is a high-quality HD portable DSLR field monitor that combines compact size, light weight and affordability with a range of video source inputs and advanced features. Providing intuitive onscreen controls and a crisp 1024 x 600 resolution this monitor will help you keep your DSLR shots sharp, perfectly framed, and in focus. Designed to be used as an external video display, this HD monitor unit allows you to step back from the camera to frame and capture the action in comfort without having to look through the camera?s built-in viewfinder. It converts the image you would normally see on your tiny built-in camera screen to a much larger display that enables easier viewing and won?t strain your eyes. An external display monitor is especially ideal in extreme high or low angle shots where it might be hard to access the viewfinder or when you are using a jib, crane or dolly to capture your footage.


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