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Godox V1 Flash for Canon


Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II

Output: 76Ws

Auto Zoom Control, Zoom Range: 28-105mm

2.4 GHz Wireless X-System Transmitter


Godox V1: Are Profoto in Trouble?

The Profoto A1 is supposed to be the game-changer in the speed light realm. But the thing about it is that it carries that premium Profoto pricetag. The Godox V1, on the other hand, has quite similar features with a much better value. We will take a look at some of the prime features of this flash to see just how much of a value it is. It is is truly a great competition to profoto, its circle surface gives the chance to light to bounce back from any surface while its strong strobe helps to maintain the quality of light, therefore it makes it a vital product for flash and the price of the product makes it vital and helps godox to standout between other products. Lighting and studio equipmets are a necessity for the photography, videography and cinematography, without these equipments, the process is incomplete and we here at golden camera center provide you the complete range of lighting and studio equipments. We at golden camera have got you covered for all your lighting essentials, head on now and discover the whole world of camera and lighting products at one place at gauranteed best prices.


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