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LED-5012 Video Light for DSLRs and Camcorder


Standard hot shoe, compatible with most DLSRs, Camcorders 10 LED, high brightness and low dissipation Used for video taking, either for lights setup or supplement Adjustable dimmer to control different intensity of brightness



This Led Photography Lights 10-LEDs 350Lux professional Video light LED-5012 can offer you bright light in dark. The light end is with a lamp frame which consists of transparent filter, brown filter and two lamp cover. So, you can choose the transparent filter to soften the light (diffuse effect), choose the brown filter to reduce the color temperature or close one lamp cover to reduce light as you want. This LED camcorder lamp light allows you to link lights together to make larger light.It helps ensure your picture?s perfect settings. Besides, compact size makes it ideal for your shooting on trip. In addition, it have strong hot shoe part that can use on the camera or DV/video camcorder top and hand grip that can hold on you hand or tripod.


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