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Libec Swift Jib50

  • Telescopic Arm Extendable to 35.5″
  • High Dynamic Angles Possible
  • Reversible for Low-Angle Shots
  • No Extra Arms Required
  • Adjustable Pan & Tilt Friction Modes
  • Retractable Towards Rear of Jib
  • Compatible with Other 100mm Tripods
  • Smooth Vertical and Horizontal Movements


The Swift Jib50 Kit Telescopic and Retractable Jib Arm, Tripod and Dolly from Libec includes the Swift Jib50, the T102B tripod, and the DL-8B dolly. It’s designed to be portable and easy to use. The jib has a telescopic jib arm that’s extendable to 35.5″, with easy length adjustments via lock levers.

The included T102B aluminum tripod has a maximum height of 4.54′ and a minimum height of 2.25′–it weighs 11.9 lb and supports up to 198 lb. The included DL-8B dolly weighs 13.6 lb, has 4.9″ wheels, and supports up to 198 lb. It folds down to a length of 23.6″.

The Swift Jib50 takes just 5 to 10 minutes to set up and the arm can be retracted 12″ towards the rear of the jib using the included hexagon wrench to accommodate any scenario. No extra arms are required. Strategically placed 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes on the support arm and head mount platform provide ideal positioning for monitors and other equipment. The jib, the tripod, and the dolly each come with a separate carrying case. The Swift Jib50 weighs just 36 lb.

Telescopic arm extendable to 35.5″
T102B Tripod and DL-8B Dolly are included, as well as a carrying case for each of the three kit components
High dynamic angles possible; reversible for low-angle and ground-level shots
No extra arms required
Adjustable pan & tilt friction modes
Retractable towards rear of jib
Compatible with other 100mm tripods
Smooth vertical and horizontal movements
Easy length adjustments
Weighs just 36 lb


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