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Moza Mini-S Essential Smartphone Gimbal (Black)

Supports Smartphones up to 9.2 oz

Holds Smartphone 2.28 to 3.46? Wide

Folds to 7.7? High

Moza Genie Smartphone App

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Moaza Mini S ? DSLRs and action cameras aren?t the only popular means of making videos anymore. Smartphone photos and videos are on the rise. Thanks to smartphones it has become extremely cheap to produce video content. Mobile gimbals have become an extremely popular means of producing professional videos today. However, gimbals don?t come cheap either which may be a dealbreaker for many people. If you are looking starting out on making vlogs and other videos for professional purposes while on a budget, you should definitely take a look at the Moza Mini S. The Moza Mini S is the perfect beginners gimbal with a variety of options and features to introduce you to the world of gimbal videography.


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