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Saramonic SR-HC2 Two-Section Broadcast Studio Microphone Suspension Mount


  • 21.7″ Horizontal Reach
  • 24.4″ Vertical Reach
  • Touch-Fastener Cable Wraps
  • Desk-Clamp Included


he Saramonic SR-HC2 Two-Section Broadcast Studio Microphone Suspension Mount is a table-mounted spring-loaded microphone suspension arm that provides a clean, professional appearance. Designed for XLR and USB microphones, this versatile and sturdy broadcast arm is perfect for studio, home, and office use and is ideally suited for live streaming and voiceover recording.

Reach, Adjustability, and Support
Provides a 21.7″ horizontal and 24.4″ vertical reach, giving you the flexibility to position the microphone to reach you while comfortably seated at a table or desk. Its internal springs are designed to quickly reposition the microphone arm while minimizing handling noise. Designed to support microphones up to 2.4 lb, it features an adjustable and locking 3/8″ mounting post with a 5/8″ adapter making the SR-HC2 compatible with almost all shock mounts and microphone clips.
Slim and Secure Mounting with Lockable 360° Swivel
Features an adjustable C-clamp for securely mounting onto tables and desktops up to 2.25″ thick. The broadcast arm can be swiveled 360° in the mount for optimum positioning and can be locked into place, assuring the arm won’t rotate while in use. The C-clamp features a slim design, that minimizes the clearance to mount it between a table or desk and a wall. The arm can be easily removed from the C-clamp when not in use, keeping the mount in place, so you can set it up more easily later.
Sleek and Clean Look with Integrated Cable Management
Offers a clean look for your studio setup and looks great on camera when streaming or filming. It features integrated cable management with three cable runs at the top and bottom of both sections, and it includes four reusable touch-fastener cable wraps. This allows you to run the cable from the microphone through the run at each section, and secure the cable along the spring arm sections with the cable wraps for a clean, sleek look.


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