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Video LED Light 5010 for DSLR/Camcorder

The Light Intensity Can Be Changed To Offer Professional Effects.

Symmetrical Light Output, Luminous Flux Twins 920Lx.

Wide Operating Voltage.


This Video Led Light super lightweight item can be used in video taking, either for lights setup or supplement. ? The light intensity can be changed to offer professional effects. ? Symmetrical light output, Luminous flux twins 920LX. ? Uniform illumination brightness. ? Wide operating voltage. ? Free adjustable light output. ? Compatible with four different kinds of battery (Sony NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F960 and NP-F970) NOTE: This listing only include the NP-F550 battery ? It comes with a removable light frame which has a white filter to soften the light (diffuse effect), one warm filter to reduce the color temperature, and two pieces of light covers. And you can fix the light frame onto the video light by adjusting the light frame locking knob Can install on the DV or DC with standard hot shoe, and there also is a hot shoe locking knob to adjust it depends om your need. Multi-Color Temperature selection Uniform illumination brightness Wide Working Voltage Optional color Temperature glasses General hot shoe interface Working Voltage?DC7.6V Source Type: cold light cooling mode: Thermal slug natural ventilation Power?13.7W Color: Black Light (luminous flux)?920 Lux Color Temperature?3000-3500K 5000-6000K Illumination angle?60? Life expectancy?30000 hours Product Dimension : 95*129*253mm Net Weight : 446g Battery Voltage: 7.2-8.4vM N Input of AC wall charger :AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz Fit for Battery Model :F550/F750/F960/F970 /D80S/D16S/D28S Standard Accessories : Sony F750 Battery & U006 charger Suitable for : Video Camcorder, either for lights setup or supplement, birthday party, KTV and other weak fill light box photography light occasions.


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