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Wondlan Sniper 2.1 DSLR Rig Standard

1x Handle (top)

1x Matte Box MA01

1x Follow Focus FF01

1x Base Plate (PS28)

2x Folow Focus rings

1x Flight Case

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Wondlan DSLR Rig Use With Modern DSLRs are capable of making sharp HD video recording. In many professional sectors that DSLR cameras are used instead of the extremely expensive camcorders. The only problem is the handling of the DSLR while making video recordings. Wondlan therefore very decent and affordable video rigs designed that you provide your DSLR all the comforts to make high quality video recordings. The Wondlan SN2.3 Sniper 2.0 (Standard 3) here is a good example of allowing the user a very high RIG has at his disposal.


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