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Review of Sony A6500
Sony A6500 Price

Review of Sony A6500

In this review of the Sony a6500, I will provide reviews and review the Sony a6500 specs. In addition, I will introduce a few other options and tell you if it is still worth buying.

The release date of the Sony a6500 was October 2016, but the Sony a6600 has since been replaced. However, the a6500 is still a powerful camera and an excellent choice for many photographers and videographers.

I have used it since 2018, mainly photographing and touring photos and videos. And I took thousands of photos and videos about it at the time. The Sony Alpha a6500 is still a high-end APS-C camera with no mirrors.

Sony Camera a6500: What You Should Know

The Sony Alpha a6500 is one of six mirrored cameras in the Sony A6 series. The a6300 and a6400 are mid-range options, while the a6500 and a6600 are high-end models.

Although the Sony A6500 is by no means a complete camera, it has some excellent features. Additionally, it is physically stable, captures 11fps (frames per second), and captures 4K video up to 30p.

In addition, it is a flexible lens camera that uses a Sony E-mount lens system. The standard kit lens is Sony E 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS. (Note, I did not use a kit lens in this review. Instead, all sample images were taken in Sony Zeiss 16-70mm f / 4 OSS. A standard premium zoom lens that fits well with the a6500.)

Sony A6500 front of camera

Who is the Sony A6500?


As a top-tier camera without glasses, the Sony A6500 attracts many. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, it can easily fit into your kit.

It has much more advanced features than start-up cameras. Uploaded Medium Professional Features. And for professionals who have already photographed it with Sony’s camera system, the a6500 is a pretty lightweight backup.

Additionally, for anyone who needs a portable, high quality camera. Photographers for travel, travel, road, and country all come to mind. I am a hardworking and environmentally friendly traveler, and I get nowhere without my a6500.

Key features of the Sony a6500

Let’s take a look at where the A6500 exceeds expectations and where it falls.

Lens Mount and Compatibility

Like all Sony mirrorless cameras, the a6500 uses an E-mount lens system. It was first launched in 2010 and has grown significantly over the years.

Although the drawback was the lack of long-term lens interaction, there are now more than 60 native lenses. In addition, there are hundreds of external Sony Lens. Sigma and Tamron are two of the most well-known foreign companies, but they are far from the end.

Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x II

Focusing Systems

Although not as fast as the a6600 (Sony prides itself on being the fastest in the world!), It is not far behind.
It uses a hybrid autofocus (AF) system with 425 points for difference and 425 points for class detection. Points cover the entire sensor and make the focus too much or too fast. With the help of Sony AI tracking technology, even high-speed courses come out sharper than ever.

Video Features

One of the main reasons why many choose the a6500 (I also included) its video features. While not as standard on video as other cameras, it is a powerful video camera in itself.

It has three video capture formats — XAVC S, AVCHD, and MPEG-4. It can capture video in 4K, 1080p Full HD, and 720p Standard HD formats within those formats. By all means, it has a maximum bitrate of 100MBps.

Sony A6500 video autofocus (AF)

Additional Video Skills

Autofocus acquisition category also applies to video, but AF-C is the only mode option. You can select a focus area on the LCD of the touch screen, or use the AF lock lock. In any case, there is a slight delay in locking the topic. That being said, when closed, it usually does a good job of tracking and capturing the focus area.

One of the best video features for beginners is the addition of nine photo profiles set. For experienced filmmakers, you can create and customize photo profiles to meet exactly your desired look.


Whether you buy a new or used camera, the a6500 still has a place in the world of photography. An amazing camera, suitable for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

While I wouldn’t say it is a professional camera, it can create professional level work if you are a travel or travel photographer. In addition, it is a suitable lightweight support camera for Sony experts.

With so many cameras coming out every year, there has never been a competition for the a6500. But with that being said, I feel confident that it will age well, and I will happily continue to use mine. I hope this review of the Sony a6500 will help you decide on your next camera!

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