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Video Marketing Statistics: Why your business needs video?
Video marketing

Video Marketing Statistics: Why your business needs video?

If want to pursue your career in content marketing then you need to incorporate video into your business marketing strategy. Now the question is Why? And the answer is simple, “Because it is effective”

Video marketing static has been switched from dabbling to an important strategy. Video has no less of value and it is the future of content marketing.

Video marketing is not a new trend but it is grabbing the attention of masses with more use of the internet and smart phones.

Human memory spans are less than that of a goldfish, highlighting the digitized affects of an increasingly lifestyle on the mind. While striking an emotional bond, video is quick to grab the punch. People want to see instant gratification and they get it through visual and sound elements a video offers.  Well text is text.

It is true that a great video will keep your readers entertained and on your page longer. It will also have them sharing your video on social. “Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined”. Think of the increased engagement you will receive from 1 video.

It is a fact that viewers memorize 95% of a message when they see it in a video compared to 10% when they read it in text

80 Percent of Global Internet Consumption Will be Video Content by 2021

Video will show 82% of all IP traffic in 2021, including business and  consumer IP traffic, which amounts to a million minutes every second of video transmitted through networks. Live video is expected to gain 15 folds, from 3% to 13% of internet video traffic by few years. Mobile video coverageis growing faster than television

What does that mean for the average business?

Video is taking content marketing rapidly. With video airing online becoming a key, and means for people to increase their information and entertainment, small businesses that fail to include strategy  in their internet marketing statistics will do so at their peril.

Video Drives a 157% Increase in Organic Traffic From SERPs

About 25 % of Google searches have at least with one video in them, so you can get ranked in the SERPs with your optimized video of YouTube.

We already discussed the fact that video content is getting up 80% of all internet traffic.

“When a user searches something in Google Search, it might show a result in a special featured snippet section at the top of the search results page. This featured snippet section includes a summary of the question asked, plus a link to the page , extracted from a webpage, URL and, the page title.

Embedded Videos in Websites Can Optimise Traffic by Up to 55 Percent

For engaging visitors embedding video into your website is an effective way. Making your brand stand out in a heavy text internet world. Videos are easier to work on, than heavy text content.

Videos can deliver your message more effectively while entertaining and educating the consumers. They deliver information in an easy and rapid manner.

By Watching a Brand’s Video , 81% of People Have Been Convinced to Buy a Product or Service

Create a video map that will help you create a great video script. Each part of the video maphas a specific intention and will work to build a smart video that will achieve your intended results.

Video promotes brand recall and holds huge potential for a brand. The fact will remain same that video marketing is easier for brands to remember than text-based content.

44% of Consumers Prefer Learning About a Product via Watching a Video

Did you know consumers don’t like interacting with salespeople or reading a manual?

In fact, 44% of consumers learn about a product by watching a video about it.

This is still in comparison to only  4% that like reading a text and 5% talking to someone over the phone. And like stated earlier, 81% have been convinced to purchase a product or service by viewing a brand’s video.

What if your sales team could have most of the convincing thing done before making a sales lead? A video is a source for your sales team.

Consumers watch product demos as they prefer to seeing the product in person. It shows the various angles of a product. In this way It will let your customer with a better understanding of the product prior to purchase and thus,cut down on returns.

Adding a Product Video on Your Landing Page Can Increase Conversions by 80%

If your landing page has heavy text and cluttered, it is probably not going to drive those desired conversions. Adding video can bring change

What are the benefits of using video on landing pages?

  • Videos help to make people stay on your page for longer, giving your brand message longer to recall. If you feature company employees or subject  in the video, the trust factor will be raised significantly.
  • People prefer to watch than to read.
  • All the video marketing statistics give the same message.


Brands that use video marketing grow their business better. A video is more engaging, easier to recall and most popular with your consumers than any other heavy content formats.

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