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Which Macbook Should You Choose?
Apple Macbook

Which Macbook Should You Choose?

Apple devices have always been known for their high performance and strong build quality. Compared to other devices, they last a long time and run through fewer faults than others. If you are an iPhone owner, a MacBook is always recommended over any other laptop or PC. It will make it easy for you to stay organized and find what you need to do.

Since 2020, MacBooks have entered into a new era when Apple announced that they are moving from intel chips and introduced Apple-designed chips. In these three years, the company has introduced several MacBooks with appealing features, making it a challenge for you to choose what to buy. We have compiled all of them with their key features and distinguishing properties.

Apple Macbook Air (M2, 2022)

This is the latest Macbook with upgraded features justifying its price. This Apple Macbook price in Pakistan is the highest among all older models because of its unique properties.

  • Two new colors Midnight and Starlight, are introduced with traditional silver and space gray.
  • The 13.6-inch display is much wider and brighter than its predecessors.
  • A magnetically attached power cable is given to charge the laptop.

Apple Macbook Air (M1,2020)

If you are a little tight on your budget, Apple Macbook Air M1 will be the best affordable option for you. It is the most heavy-duty laptop you can get at this price. Some of its distinguishing features are;

  • Excellent battery life, making it perfect for you to work a full day.
  • You can wake up your MacBook from sleeping mode just by making a tap on the keyboard on the screen.
  • A thermal heat spreader is given instead of a fan, making it a whisper-quiet laptop.
  • A 720p webcam is also there for your clear zoom sessions.

Apple Macbook Pro (M1, 2021)

Apple Macbook pro is the most powerful MacBook of Apple. If you are a power-hungry user, you must buy a 14-inch or 16-inch Apple Macbook pro. The gigantic features of these laptops are;

  • Both sizes come with mini LED screens in deep rich black color.
  • A 1080p webcam to enhance your video calling experience.
  • It also has an array of ports, including HDMI ports and USB ports.
  • A MagSafe charging port with a magnetically connecting charger.
  • Apple MacBook Pro has a six speakers sound system to make the audio clear.

Apple Macbook Pro (M2, 2022)

This 13-inch Macbook Pro offers almost the same features as Macbook Air M1 apart from an M2 chip instead of an M1. Apple Macbook pro price in Pakistan is slightly higher than that of the Macbook Air M1. Some of the key features of the Apple MacBook Pro M2 are;

  • 720p webcam
  • Two thunderbolt ports, with added support for high-impedance headphones in the audio jack.
  • Long battery life, which makes it easier for you to work on long projects.
  • Eight-core CPU and ten-core GPU give a boost in graphics performance.
  • It is the only MacBook that Apple sells now with a touch bar at the top of the keyboard.

Last Thoughts

If you are a power user of a laptop and need one which can accommodate your long working hours without lagging, Apple Macbook is the best choice for you. It can be your partner when you need to work on multiple tabs and switch between them without stopping. You should spend your hard-earned money on something worthy which will benefit you for years.

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