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Which Of The MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Is Best For You?

Which Of The MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Is Best For You?

When purchasing a laptop, the simple question of “which laptop should you buy?” is more difficult to resolve than it may first appear. Today’s market offers many possibilities, and deciding is tough.

But there is little to no doubt that Apple’s MacBook series has risen to the occasion and is still manufacturing the best and most sought-after laptops. So, if you’ve decided to buy an Apple device, the next decision is which specific laptop to buy from their wide selection. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, two of Apple’s top products, are up against each other today to determine which is the best when buying a MacBook Air in Pakistan.

1.     Design

Although there are minor differences, the design is similar. The dimensions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are nearly identical, taking up almost the same amount of space. The MacBook Air features a wedge-shaped finish compared to the MacBook Pro. The weight differential is over 100 grams. The MacBook Pro 13 inches is around 1.4 kg, MacBook Pro 14 inches is 1.6 kg, the MacBook Pro 16 inches is 2.0 kg, whereas the MacBook Air is about 1.29 kg.

2.     Processor

The processor explains the main difference between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines. However, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have Apple’s M1 and M2 chips as part of the new lines, respectively. Thus, you may carry out the same duties with either of the two at breakneck speeds.

Due to the M1 or M2 Chip’s efficiency, the MacBook Air is a very quiet Mac because it is the first one to go without a fan. The MacBook Pro still has a fan so it will operate better for you over an extended period at work.

We advise the MacBook Pro because it can handle heavy work much better than the MacBook Air if you use your Mac for professional video editing, 3D rendering, and, eventually, intense work.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a Mac for regular usage and want to be confident that you’ll have maximum performance when you need it, the MacBook Air is the right choice.

3.     Battery

The Air can run for a full day with up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 18 hours of movie playback. And in comparison, the 16-inch Pro can accommodate 14 hours of wireless web browsing and 21 hours of video playback, compared to 20 hours for the 13-inch Pro when watching movies.

4.     Storage

The Pro and Air come with 128 GB of storage as standard, and the upgrade increases that to 256 GB. If you purchase the most costly basic model, the Pro increases to 512 GB.

You can choose the configuration of your MacBook model when purchasing; the Air can support up to 1 terabyte, while the Pro supports up to 2 TB. Starting at 512 GB for the i9 model, the 16-inch Pro offers one terabyte of storage. If you have the additional funds, the 16 and 14-inch Pro models can be upgraded to 8 terabytes.


Ultimately, the reason you wanted a laptop in the first place will determine how you use it. It is best to evaluate the features while choosing the MacBook that you can easily afford because the price range for the two is similar by much.

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