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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Best Laptop Upgrade For 2023

MacBooks have been pushing them to their limits for many years. These laptops are supercharged with top-notch processors paired with an ample amount of storage. The display on the MacBook is something that’s on another level, and most competitors can’t even come close to it because the display is pretty vivid and bright. The battery timing is outstanding, and it can easily give you a good time without making you worried about getting it charged now and then. Stay on this blog, and you will get to know which MacBook you should grab this year for your own experience.

MacBook Air:

MacBook Air comes with a sleek and stylish design with its flat top and rounded edges on the bottom. It is a compact size laptop which you can take with you if you want to take your work on the go. Just simply put it in your bag and head out. MacBook Air has been in the laptop category for a long time, and many people love it because it packs some interesting features.

MacBook Air boasts Apple’s latest Apple M2 chip that is able to handle all your heavy tasks easily. The cores and threads are producing some good numbers on the benchmarks. On top of that, the 8-core CPU is 1.4x faster than the MacBook with the M1 chip. Users can utilize the 10-core GPU and work with 4K and 8K ProRes videos and do heavy tasks on high-processing programs. Users can work and play without worrying about the battery. It can easily give you 18 hours of battery life without getting you worried about the charging.

It comes with a superfast SSD that you can opt for up to 2 TB. Put your favorite photos, movies, music and documents in it and take it everywhere you go. The best part? All of this stuff opens in a flash. If you have a phone that is able to shoot ProRes videos, then you are in for a treat. You can play and edit these videos more quickly than ever now. 

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MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro is a beefed up version of the MacBook. This is supercharged by the high-end M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets that deliver outstanding performance. It has efficiency with the power, which is able to give you the best user experience. It will give you unbelievable power with good battery life. You will be surprised at how good the battery timing will be for this MacBook.

M2 Pro can go up to a 12-core CPU paired with a 19-core GPU. The 32 GB unified memory with 200 GB/s memory bandwidth performance is for you. Meanwhile, the M2 Max is going crazy with the core count. It has a 12-core GPU with up to 38-core GPU. The unified memory can go up to 96 GB with 400 GB/s memory bandwidth. The smooth and flicker-free experience of working on this supercharged MacBook will be something that you can’t find in any laptop right now. 

If your work revolves around high-demanding programs like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Adobe Premier and many other applications that eat up the memory, processor and storage, then this is the right choice for your work. The cherry on top is the best display on this laptop. The Liquid Retina XDR is absolutely amazing, and you will love it. It comes with a refresh rate of 120HZ, and you will enjoy the flicker-free and anti-lag experience on this laptop.

Final Thoughts:

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, both of these laptops, are outstanding. The performance is on another level, and the competitors can’t even come close to these laptops. Developers, animators, cinematographers, and photographers can pick these MacBooks for their work. It will be the right option for you.

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Sony A7 III vs Canon M6 Comparison: Which Mirrorless Camera Is Best For You?

Mirrorless cameras have been going strong for a good time now. Most people are switching from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras. These mirrorless cameras come with cutting-edge technology, and the performance of these cameras is on another level. Photographers and videographers love these cameras because they come up with something that DSLRs don’t have in them. The efficiency of mirrorless cameras, with their compact design, makes them the top choice for many professionals out there. If you are thinking of getting hands-on mirrorless cameras, then you have come to the right place. 

Keep going with this blog, and you will get to know about these mirrorless cameras, which will be ideal for your experience. In addition to this, you can get an affordable price on mirrorless cameras in Pakistan from Golden Camera.

Sony A7 III:

Sony A7 III is an incredible mirrorless camera by the very famous brand, Sony. This camera has been topping the charts, and it is the top priority of many professionals out there. Sony A7 III is packing some amazing features that are able to give you an incredible user experience. This will give you the best time while shooting videos or clicking photographs. The color will be on another level, and the pixel count is pretty good. 

Read about its features below:

  • In-built Image Stabilization with Sensor-Shift
  • Electronic Viewfinder 
  • 51.200 Maxed-Out ISO
  • 693 Focus Points
  • 1/8000s Max Mech. Shutter
  • 10.0 fps Continuous Shooting
  • 610 Shots Per Battery Charge
  • Headphone Port
  • Environmental Sealing
  • 25.0 Color Depth
  • 14.7 Dynamic Range 
  • 3730 Low Light ISO
  • 35.50µm2 Sensor Pixel Area
  • 3840 x 2160 Video Resolution
  • 3.1 Gen 1 USB

These incredible features will give you the best camera experience, and you will be able to execute your projects easily. If you are a professional who needs something, we are pretty sure that Sony A7 III will fit your needs. 

Canon M6:

Canon has been a stunner brand for a long time for bringing out the best professional camera for the photographers and cinematographers out there. Many professionals pick Canon over other brands because of the sturdy construction and durable materials used in the cameras. These cameras last a long time. 

Canon has gone the extra mile and come up with the Canon M6 mirrorless camera. This is an amazing camera for people who want to do professional videography and photography. This camera is compatible with many lenses, and you will get a wide range of lenses to use with this camera. 

Read about Canon M6’s features below:

  • Electronic Viewfinder 
  • 49 Focus Points
  • 1/4000s Mech. Shutter
  • 9.0fps Continuous Shooting
  • 295 Shots In One Battery Charge
  • 23.4 Color Depth
  • 12.6 Dynamic Range
  • 1317 Low Light ISO
  • 13.84µm2 Sensor Pixel Area
  • 1920 x 1080 Video Resolution
  • USB 2.0
  • Wireless Connection and Bluetooth Connection
  • Built-in Flash
  • 1.040k dots in LCD Resolution
  • 390g Weight

Canon M6 is an ideal mirrorless camera if you are starting your photography or videography camera. It is compact and easy to carry. All of these incredible features will come in handy for you. You can use many aftermarket lenses with this camera for a more improved user experience.

Final Thoughts:

Sony and Canon have always come up with something that will tick all the boxes for customers across the world. We are pretty sure that these two cameras will be fulfilling your needs. You can select the one that suits your preferences and budget. 

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5 Reasons To Invest In A DSLR For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of photography. Getting the perfect shots requires a lot of skill, patience, and the right equipment. One of the most essential pieces of equipment for any wedding photographer is a DSLR camera. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why investing in a DSLR for wedding photography is smart.

High Image Quality

The first and most obvious reason to invest in a DSLR for wedding photography is the high image quality. DSLR cameras have large image sensors that capture more light and detail than a traditional point-and-shoot camera. This means that your photos will be crisp, clear, and have a shallow depth of field, which is perfect for capturing the romance and emotions of a wedding.


DSLR cameras are incredibly flexible, which is essential for wedding photography. They come with a wide range of interchangeable lenses that can be used to achieve different effects, such as wide-angle for group shots or telephoto for portraits. This flexibility allows you to capture the unique moments of a wedding from a variety of perspectives, which is essential for telling the story of the day.


Wedding photography is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes. DSLR cameras have fast autofocus and high frame rates, making capturing the perfect shot easy, even in low-light conditions. They also have fast burst modes, which allow you to take multiple shots in quick succession, which is essential for capturing action shots like the first dance or the cutting of the cake.


DSLR cameras offer more control than point-and-shoot cameras. They allow you to manually adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, which gives you more control over the final image. This is essential for wedding photography, as you often have to work in challenging lighting conditions, such as bright sunlight or low light.


Finally, DSLR cameras are durable and can withstand the rigors of a wedding. They are built to withstand the elements and can withstand being jostled around in a camera bag. This means that your camera will last longer and continue to take great photos, even after years of use.

In conclusion, investing in a DSLR for wedding photography is a smart move. They offer high image quality, flexibility, speed, control, and durability, which are all essential for capturing the unique moments of a wedding. With a DSLR camera, you can be sure that your photos will be beautiful and timeless and capture the emotions of the day. If you’re thinking about becoming a wedding photographer or just want to take your photography to the next level, a DSLR camera is an excellent investment.

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5 Reasons To Invest In Drones For Quality Videos

Drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a unique perspective and can capture stunning footage that is impossible to achieve with traditional cameras. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key reasons why investing in a drone is a smart move for anyone looking to take their video production to the next level.

Aerial Perspective

One of the biggest advantages of using a drone for video production is the ability to capture stunning aerial footage. Drones can fly high in the sky and provide a bird’s eye view of the subject, which can add a new dimension to your videos. This can be especially useful for real estate, construction, and landscape videos, where showcasing the property or location from a different angle can make a huge impact on the final product.


Using a drone for video production can be more cost-effective than traditional methods, such as renting a helicopter or using a crane. Drones are much more affordable and easier to operate, which means that you can capture high-quality footage without breaking the bank. Additionally, drones are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport, and can be operated by a single person, saving on labor costs.


Drones offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to capturing video. They can fly in tight spaces, reach heights that would be impossible with traditional cameras, and can even be used indoors. This allows you to capture footage that would otherwise be impossible to achieve, and opens up new possibilities for your video production.


Using a drone for video production can also be safer than traditional methods. Drones can fly in areas that are difficult or dangerous for humans to access, such as the top of a building or a mountaintop. This means that you can capture footage that would otherwise be impossible to achieve, without putting yourself or others at risk.

High-Quality Footage

Finally, investing in a drone for video production can result in high-quality footage that is sure to impress. Drones come with high-resolution cameras and advanced stabilization systems, making capturing smooth, stable footage easy. Additionally, many drones come with built-in editing software, which makes it easy to edit and enhance your footage.

In conclusion, investing in a drone for video production is a smart move. They offer an aerial perspective, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, safety, and high-quality footage that can make a huge impact on the final product. Whether you’re a professional videographer or just looking to take your video production to the next level, a drone is a valuable tool that can help you achieve your goals.

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Which Of The MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Is Best For You?

When purchasing a laptop, the simple question of “which laptop should you buy?” is more difficult to resolve than it may first appear. Today’s market offers many possibilities, and deciding is tough.

But there is little to no doubt that Apple’s MacBook series has risen to the occasion and is still manufacturing the best and most sought-after laptops. So, if you’ve decided to buy an Apple device, the next decision is which specific laptop to buy from their wide selection. The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, two of Apple’s top products, are up against each other today to determine which is the best when buying a MacBook Air in Pakistan.

1.     Design

Although there are minor differences, the design is similar. The dimensions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are nearly identical, taking up almost the same amount of space. The MacBook Air features a wedge-shaped finish compared to the MacBook Pro. The weight differential is over 100 grams. The MacBook Pro 13 inches is around 1.4 kg, MacBook Pro 14 inches is 1.6 kg, the MacBook Pro 16 inches is 2.0 kg, whereas the MacBook Air is about 1.29 kg.

2.     Processor

The processor explains the main difference between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines. However, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have Apple’s M1 and M2 chips as part of the new lines, respectively. Thus, you may carry out the same duties with either of the two at breakneck speeds.

Due to the M1 or M2 Chip’s efficiency, the MacBook Air is a very quiet Mac because it is the first one to go without a fan. The MacBook Pro still has a fan so it will operate better for you over an extended period at work.

We advise the MacBook Pro because it can handle heavy work much better than the MacBook Air if you use your Mac for professional video editing, 3D rendering, and, eventually, intense work.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a Mac for regular usage and want to be confident that you’ll have maximum performance when you need it, the MacBook Air is the right choice.

3.     Battery

The Air can run for a full day with up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 18 hours of movie playback. And in comparison, the 16-inch Pro can accommodate 14 hours of wireless web browsing and 21 hours of video playback, compared to 20 hours for the 13-inch Pro when watching movies.

4.     Storage

The Pro and Air come with 128 GB of storage as standard, and the upgrade increases that to 256 GB. If you purchase the most costly basic model, the Pro increases to 512 GB.

You can choose the configuration of your MacBook model when purchasing; the Air can support up to 1 terabyte, while the Pro supports up to 2 TB. Starting at 512 GB for the i9 model, the 16-inch Pro offers one terabyte of storage. If you have the additional funds, the 16 and 14-inch Pro models can be upgraded to 8 terabytes.


Ultimately, the reason you wanted a laptop in the first place will determine how you use it. It is best to evaluate the features while choosing the MacBook that you can easily afford because the price range for the two is similar by much.

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5 Essential Reasons To Shift To A DSLR

We all love our personal gadgets and devices, and we may be scared of shifting to the new one. The same goes for the cameras; we have certain settings on our fingertips that we usually use. However, it surely takes time to be hands-on with the new camera.

Digital cameras are continuously getting outdated, and DSLRs are taking over. Using the camera the way you want is made more accessible by DSLRs. So, let’s examine what they are and what makes a DSLR a better purchase than a point-and-shoot.

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Being Able To Switch Out Lenses

A DSLR’s most significant benefit is the ability to attach various lenses to it. Every one of those lenses is designed for a particular style of photography. For instance, telephoto lenses let you focus on far-off objects and are typical uses in wildlife photography. Even macro lenses help you capture clear, up-close images of tiny things like flowers or insects. Similarly to this, multiple lenses are made for portrait photography and various other uses.

Focus More Quickly Than Point-And-Shoot Cameras

The image sensor in point-and-shoot cameras performs two tasks. First, it takes the picture, and the other is to focus on the subject. Because of this, there is shutter lag as the camera focuses and processes the image, which takes time.

The two sensors in DSLRs each do one of these operations. While the phase detection sensor is responsible for keeping the subject in focus, the image sensor is responsible for taking the picture. DSLRs provide quicker focusing because of this. This makes it possible for you to take several images quickly.

A Visual Viewfinder Made Of Glass

The DSLR’s viewfinder helps the user in achieving precise focus on the subjects in the photograph. There is no loss in quality while utilizing a viewfinder, and it provides better steadiness when taking pictures. A digital viewfinder is common in high-end point-and-shoot cameras, although it isn’t quite as good as an optical one, and it uses power.

Availability Of High-Quality RAW Image Support

You can take Better quality photos than JPEG in RAW mode. The color spectrum is broader with RAW. Since you can edit pictures can without lowering their quality, it is preferred by professionals. However, almost all DSLRs, as do a few high-end point-and-shoot cameras, have this feature.

DSLRs Are More Robust.

Compared to point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs are more sophisticated and have better built. They are designed for rough use. You don’t need to be particularly concerned about where you use the DSLR because high-end DSLRs also have a weather coating. Most DSLRs also include a rubber coating to support in securely holding the camera. The shutter is one of the camera’s most often-used parts. DSLR shutters are rated for somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000 clicks because they are made to be used frequently.


Now that you have an essential reason to get a DSLR camera. And know why DSLRs are so popular; you can appreciate how quick and responsive they are.

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Apple Macbook

Which Macbook Should You Choose?

Apple devices have always been known for their high performance and strong build quality. Compared to other devices, they last a long time and run through fewer faults than others. If you are an iPhone owner, a MacBook is always recommended over any other laptop or PC. It will make it easy for you to stay organized and find what you need to do.

Since 2020, MacBooks have entered into a new era when Apple announced that they are moving from intel chips and introduced Apple-designed chips. In these three years, the company has introduced several MacBooks with appealing features, making it a challenge for you to choose what to buy. We have compiled all of them with their key features and distinguishing properties. Read More Which Macbook Should You Choose?

Sony camera

Sony A7 III vs. A7 IV – Is the upgrade worth it?

Sony A7 III was released in 2018 and became the most popular full-frame camera among photography enthusiasts. It made an essential contribution to the field because of its outstanding features. After almost four years, Sony has come up with an upgraded model Sony A7 IV. If you have a Sony A7 III and can’t decide whether to upgrade it or not, we are here for you. We have compiled a detailed review comparing the features of both. Going through our blog will make it easier for you to decide which Sony camera to buy. Read More Sony A7 III vs. A7 IV – Is the upgrade worth it?

DSLR cameras

Best DSLR cameras for photography and videography

Are you a professional photographer and looking to update your DSLR camera? Along with your photography skills, a professional camera is also necessary to bring life to your photos. There are a lot of DSLR cameras available in the market, and it becomes difficult for you to decide what to buy. You want to have the best features at the most affordable rates. We have compiled the top DSLRs of 2023 along with their highlighting features, making it easy for you to decide. Go through our blog, and you will find your top favorite by the end.

Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 is a camera with simple controls, which makes it a perfect buy for beginners. Moreover, its affordable price doesn’t make you pay for an arm and a leg to get a good quality camera. This Nikon camera price in Pakistan is way less than other cameras offering almost the same features. Top-notch sensors, excellent battery life, and significant manual controls make Nikon D3500 an ideal camera to sharpen your photography skills. Some of the main components are;

  • Megapixels: 24.2 MP
  • Autofocus: 11-point AF, one cross-type
  • Sensor: APS-C CMOS
  • Maximum continuous shooting speed: 5 fps
  • Screen type: 3.0 inch, 921,000 dots
  • Movies: 1080p

Canon EOS 90D

If you are looking for an excellent DSLR camera with burst shooting and uncropped 4K video recording, Canon EOS 90D suits you the best. With a new processing engine, it offers faster burst shooting with excellent battery life too. It is a professional camera for intermediate-level photographers. A fully articulating rear screen makes the experience more enjoyable for you. It is a versatile 90D camera that is an all-rounder for photographers who like to shoot a wide range of different subjects. Some highlighting features of Canon EOS 90D are;

  • Megapixels: 32.5 MP
  • Autofocus: 45-point AF. 45 cross-type
  • Sensor: APS C CMOS
  • Screen type: 3.0 inch, 1,040,000 dots
  • Maximum continuous shooting speed: 10 fps
  • Movies: 4K

Nikon D7500

If you are willing to spend a hefty amount in exchange for mind-boggling features, Nikon D7500 is the best choice for you. Users were impressed by the battery life, image quality, and handling of this camera. It also offers 4K video recording with a tilting screen on the back. Weather sealed body makes it a handy tool for all types of photography. The top features of the Nikon D7500 are;

  • Megapixels: 20.9 MP
  • Autofocus: 51 points AF, 15 cross-type
  • Sensor: APS C CMOS
  • Screen type: 3.2-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 922,000 dots
  • Maximum continuous shooting speed: 8 fps
  • Movies: 4K

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Canon EOS 6D Mark II is the favorite DSLR camera among enthusiastic photographers who have an interest in wildlife photography. It does surprisingly well for almost all types of photography with its user-friendly features. Tap-to-focus and tap-to-shoot features offered on the rear screen make photography easy for photographers who are missing a joystick. Some of the elements making the Canon EOS 6D Mark II worth buying are;

  • Megapixels: 26.2 MP
  • Autofocus: 45-point cross-type
  • Sensor: Full-frame
  • Screen type: 3-inch articulating touchscreen, 1,040K dots
  • Maximum continuous shooting speed: 6.5 fps
  • Movies: 1080p

Bottom Line

All four of these DSLRs are one of a kind due to their unique features. Now it is your decision what to choose. You can make your selection according to the features you prefer, the type of photography you want to do, and your budget.

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Canon m50 Mark ii

Use Natural Framing To Enhance Your Composition

You can employ a few essential compositional strategies to produce more captivating and stunning photographs. Natural framing is a well-known technique that requires careful planning. When done correctly, framing can create awe-inspiring and elegant images. Here are some suggestions to help.

What Is Natural Framing?

When you use an element in your image to frame the subject, you practice natural framing.

This emphasizes the actual subject and draws the viewer’s attention to the image.

Natural framing is a technique used by landscape photographers that enables them to position their primary subject in such a way that its surrounding elements further accentuate the photograph. However, a connection between the subject and surrounding objects must be present.

Why Should Natural Framing Be Used?

Natural framing emphasizes the subject and quickly draws the viewer’s attention to the image. It isolates and distinguishes your subject from the surrounding environment.

It gives a photo structure and order, which the eye appreciates. For focusing on a subject, you can buy a Canon m50 Mark ii, which offers you Eye and Face detection. You can see the Canon m50 Mark ii price in Pakistan from Golden Camera.

When Is Natural Framing Composition Appropriate?

In traditional photography, the frame and subject should be distinct to prevent visual confusion.

  • To obscure dull skies.
  • To give an image depth, especially when the object in the frame is out of focus.
  • To add contrast without distracting from the subject of the photograph.
  • To establish order.
  • A frame will help give the subject more depth, which is essential if you’re trying to convey the feeling of a self-contained image.

You Can Leave The Rules Of Composition Behind

Many can strongly support or oppose their use, just like they can for any rule or technique. But for some photographers, the most important thing is not to follow the rules so much that the photos all look the same. Rules shouldn’t keep you in a box. They are a great way to get started in photography or to help you clear your mind and start composing differently.

When newbies first started photographing, they put in a lot of effort to learn the essential compositional techniques. After a while, once they had ingrained them, they started developing their style or way of using these techniques.

You should also see these rules and techniques as opportunities to see and learn how to organize your photos differently. If you have attended workshops, you may notice that one of the hardest things for people to learn is how to break the world down into its constituent parts and arrange these parts in a way that makes suitable compositions.

You Have The Control

Using natural framing composition is a great way to keep in mind that you control how the viewer’s eye will move around the image. The eye will not see the entire image at once, regardless of the size of the picture. Depending on where the elements are placed, the eye will be drawn to one area and then move around the image. As a photographer, your job is to direct the eye.

The pictures illustrate how to use framing to draw the viewer into the image and organize a chaotic scene. Additionally, it is a good illustration of how the eye moves around an image. For better control, use the Sony Alpha a7III Mirrorless Digital Camera that gives you faster subject tracking with comprehensive frame coverage. Visit our website to see Sony a7iii price in Pakistan.

To be an expert photographer, you must be able to convey a message through the pictures. You need to understand that whatever you put in your frame must convey the message you want to deliver.

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