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Dedolight DLED4.1/Felloni 2?2 Bi-Color 4-Light Basic Kit

Two DLED4.1 Bi-Color LED Lights

Two Felloni Bi-Color LED Lights

CRIs of >91 and 84

Two Felloni Softboxes

DP1.1 Imager

Two DLED4.1 Mains Power Supplies

Soft Case

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The Stage Lights Dedolight DLED4.1/Felloni 2?2 Bi-Color 4-Light Basic Kit offers a lighting solution with two DLED4.1 focusable LED lights and two Felloni LED light panels along with a DP1.1 imager, two Felloni softboxes, two mains power supplies, and a soft case. This combination features excellent color reproduction with the DLED4.1 and Felloni lights due to CRIs of >91 and 84 respectively. The DLED4.1 excels due to the ability to focus its beam from 60 to 4?, working in complement to the 50? output of the Felloni. They are both capable of producing a high output and their unique features provides you with a versatile Stage Lights setup.


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