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Sekonic Litemaster Pro L-478DR Light Meter

Color Touch Screen Interface

Still, Cine, Incident, Reflected, Flash Exposure Meter

Wireless Flash Power Control

Custom Exposure Profiles and Calibration

Flash Exposure Analyzing Function

Adjustable Menu Navigation

Retractable and Removable Lumisphere

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The L-478DR Light Meter can be customized or adapted to your own specifications; depending on the metering modes you use most often, you can hide certain modes to create a more streamlined menu system. Exposure constants include shutter speed, f/-number, ISO, shutter angle, and frame rate; and the exposure variable can be decided upon depending on the situation you are working in. Illuminance and luminance values can also be taken, which are measured in footcandles/lux or candela per square meter/foot-lamberts, respectively. For more fine-tuned results, you can create and input personal profiles, allowing the meter to display exposure settings in accordance with your specific camera?s dynamic range and clipping points.


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