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Dedolight K3x650 Standard 650W Tungsten 3-Light Kit (120VAC)

Three DLH650 650W Focusing Light Heads

Three Four-Leaf Barndoors

Three Light Shield Rings

Two Dichroic Graduated ND Glass Filters

Three Scrim Kits

Three Scrim Pouches

Three 12? Stackable Light Stands

Soft Bag for Stands

Five Non-Blackened 650W Halogen Lamps

Heavy Duty Transport Case

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Video Production Lighting?Featuring three DLH650 650W Focusing Light Heads, the 120VAC K3x650 Standard 650W Tungsten 3-Light Kit from Dedolight offers users a powerful, versatile lighting setup for use in a wide range of different shooting scenarios. Along with the lights, the kit includes three four-leaf barndoors for controlling spill and three light shield rings. Also, there are three complete scrim kits with pouches for easier carrying and five non-blacked 650W halogen lamps. The Standard kit improves upon the Basic by added two ND06 2-stop dichroic graduated ND glass filters as well as three 12? stackable light stands and a soft bag for the stands. All of these items can be stored in the included heavy duty transport case.


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