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Dedolight SPS5E 5 Light Portable Lighting Kit (230V)

2- Soft Light Heads, Power Supplies

2- Softboxes with Grids

3- DLHM Focusing Heads, Barndoors

4- Gel Filter Sets, Holders

Scrims, Pouch

Projection Attachment with 85mm Lens

Gobo Set, Holder

Stands, Clamp Stand Extension

2- Plastic Cases, Lamps

Soft Kit Case

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Dedolight?is a huge name in the world of professional lighting systems. Being used in movies in Hollywood and being appreciated by cinematographers and photographers worldwide,?Dedolight?is one of the best brands you can go for today.?Dedolight?has done an outstanding job by going all the way in their?SPS5E 5 lighting kit. The unique selection of lights can be used for almost everything. It is your portable studio, whether you are looking for improving your results in the studio, on set, or planning to take breathtaking portraits.


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