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DJI Osmo Raw Combo Kit

DJI Zenmuse X5R Gimbal Camera

Records Smooth 4K CinemaDNG Raw Videos

Wide-Angle 15mm f/1.7 MFT Lens

DJI Osmo Handle and Adapter for X5R

Smartphone Mount for Monitoring

Includes Universal Mount for Accessories

M-15 FlexiMic Microphone

Includes 4 Batteries and Charger

Includes Hard Case

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DJI Osmo Raw the heart of this kit is the Zenmuse X5R Camera with its integrated gimbal. Its Four Thirds type sensor can capture 4K video through the included wide-angle 15mm f/1.7 MFT lens. The MFT lens mount on the X5R is compatible with other MFT lenses as well. Videos are recorded in the CinemaDNG raw video format to separately available SSD drives, ensuring that every bit of image information from the sensor can be extracted and manipulated in post-production.


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