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Viltrox JY-680 Flash Speedlite

Color: Black

Plastic housing material

Flash light color: White

Color temperature: 5500K

Guide number: 54/190 (ISO100 in meters/feet, focus range 105mm)

Flash coverage: 24~105mm (14mm with wide panel)

Flash duration: 1/1050s

Flash recycling: 0.5~5s

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The Viltrox JY-680 is a good all-round flash that?s easier to use than some popular rivals. It packs a range of useful features making it capable both on and off the camera.?The output seems to be around as powerful as a Nikon SB-600 or SB-800 but this hasn?t been rigorously tested. For events photography this speedlight is especially well-suited, as changing and viewing power levels is effortless in dim light. I discovered this when thrown in the deep end: my Nikon SB-600 capacitor blew during an event and I needed a quick substitute!


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