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The Best Photography Equipment for Bloggers
Photography equiments for bloggers

The Best Photography Equipment for Bloggers

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. all of these social media platforms encourage visually creative and attractive images. To tie your brand and blog to the images you post online, you may decide to create these pictures and photos yourself. When it comes to blogging though, there are a few pieces of photography equipment that can really help in taking your photos to the next level. In this post, we are going to look at the best photography equipment for bloggers and how they make your pictures stand out from the crowd.

Best Cameras for Bloggers

The first thing you need in order to take a photo is a camera ofcourse. As I have already mentioned, this does not need to be the latest & greatest DSLR or mirrorless camera on the market. You could use your smartphone, a compact camera or a more affordable interchangeable lens camera.

If you’re looking to create some professional looking images at an affordable price, have a look at my guide to the Best cameras of 2021.

Most of these cameras feature an interchangeable lens, making them extremely versatile and for blogging that can be a massive advantage.

Best Camera Lens for Bloggers

If you decide on a mirrorless or DSLR camera, you are going to need a lens or two. Which lenses you go for all depend on what type of camera system you are using and what exactly you photograph for your blog.

This is a 50mm lens (or equivalent to 50mm if you’re using a camera with a crop factor) that has a wide aperture, and generally doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The bonus of a wide aperture, like f/1.8, is that you can get some great bokeh quite easily.

Best Tripod for Bloggers

A tripod is one of those things that most, overlook when they are starting out and just get the cheapest tripod they can find as it’s just a tripod after all.

Whilst it’s true that any tripod is better than no tripod, a quality tripod from the get-go will save having to burn through numerous cheap tripods. This is especially true if you are on the go & take a lot of photos outside.

Best Overhead Mount for Bloggers

Ever wondered how bloggers get those awesome flat lay images with products and accessories scattered across a vintage wooden table? The easiest way is to use an overhead mount, like this one, on your tripod.

You will be able to take images directly above any products you may be reviewing, create seasonal flat lays as well as other flat lays for both your blog and social media. When it comes to flat lays, the options are endless.

Best Lighting Kit for Bloggers

Lighting up your images is by far the single most effective way to make your images look more professional.

A lighting kit, like this one, allows you to position and angle your light in a way that accentuates your subject. This kit in particular also comes with two soft-boxes that soften the light, giving it a much more pleasing appearance and reduces hard shadows in your images.

Best Diffuser and Reflector Kit for Bloggers

When it comes to lighting, natural lighting is pretty much always the best.

As I mentioned above though, it’s hardly something you can predict or control. This is why lighting kits are so important indoors. When it comes to outdoor use, however, reflectors can help you target that brilliant natural light right where you want it and illuminate your subject with some beautiful soft light.


Whilst all this photography equipment can really help you take better images for your blog, having a look around your home and thinking a little bit outside of the box might be able to save you some cash whilst still being able to take some pretty awesome images.

Use your smartphone, improvise with white cardboard & duct tape to create a reflector and a tripod. Use a mobile app to control your camera, etc. Start off small or invest in one item to get yourself going. And like everything when it comes to blogging, just keep practicing and you’ll improve in no time!

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